temporarily disabled

[more edit] Well, i figured it out… i cannot put a redirect and at the same time wanting to have a subdirectory to install in. So no redirect for now folks. :crying: We have to wait until the move has been completed.


[edit] seems when i set up a redirect i’m not able anymore to do any testing on itself… until i have solved the prob, is disabled. so you have to come tru :smile: [/edit]


my wish come true. :cool:

it is now just a redirect to the old server but hey it works :smile:

fyi, works again too :smile:


having said that, here is the plan.

at the new server i’m installing the forum brand new. this is going to take a while since i have to get all the smilies and templates and MOD’s etc.

Then, this forum will be closed to do a backup and do the restore on the new server. This is probably going to take a day or maybe longer since the forum is large so it takes time for the backup and restore to be made.

then after that everything will be just as usual only now everything is on

I hope there is some MYSQL way of search and replace (brainhacker? hypnodude?) so all the url’s to topics can be changed easily. (like the ones in the BIG topics part I,II etc).



I love this forum and think it’s one of the coolest places in cyber-space.
It’s even better now that you have your own individual identity. —> favorites (No.1 spot)


Good luck on the server shift.

I’m sure we will report any broken links we find if the search and replace doesn’t work.

Correct me if I’m wrong pasQuale, but the URL is not yet ready for visitors to use. It is ready, but the software/forum is not . . . so using the URL now will only give you an error message.

thanks DA for mentioning that. I had created a forward but it has messed up somehow. Fixing it right away.


fixed :smile:


hmm seems it is one or the other. either a redirect to this forum or no redirect and access to the new forum in progress… solving in progress

what does work, is :smile: :smile: