Found a way out of SP

Hi everybody,

this happened to me a while ago but i just remembered it so here goes:

i had a SP (sleep paralyis - (DreamAddict, we need the dictionary back :wink: ) experience - i dreamt i had fallen out of bed and now i was lying on the floor but couldn’t move a muscle.

I remember thinking vaguely hmm, this must be SP…

Out of habit i tried to spin and it worked! I spinned faster and faster. I remember thinking: hey, i should post this in the forum - and after that i don’t remember quite well, i think it went over in an OOBE kind of dream.

about the spinning, this is what i do when i want to get out of my body, i kinda spin around my belly button, not like turning around on your back and front and back, but spinning lying down, rotating around your belly button as it where.

Then i will spin faster & faster, hear the ringling and wooshing sound and eventually get the tunnel experience - and then i find myself out of my body.

hmm i posted this in the LD section but maybe it should be in beyond dreaming too… move :alien:


:music: Hey Q, when you do this do you really have a genuine OBE?
Are you really out of your body, is what im wondering.

difficult to answer because for me the definition of a real obe is when you look in bed and see yourself, and your surroundings are exaclty the same as in waking life.

  • i never see myself in bed
  • my surroundings are never the same. I’m in my bedroom, i see my husband sleeping, (but not myself) - I go downstairs but there are rooms in my house which aren’'t there IRL. etc.

But it definately feels like obe. Maybe it is more the crossroad between WILD and OBE.


I had an SP a couple days ago and it was scary but i did your method. It worked then i confroted the beast that was coming it looked like a murderer but it was my dream pet that is always in my dreams. Then i put back to its bed. :smile: