Hello, I’m new to the board, and I have a couple questions. :smile:
1)First off, in LD’s, do you have senses that you don’t have in ND’s? Like touch or smell?

  1. secondly, can you feel pain in lucid dreams? I was going to jump off a really tall buildng (fun fun!)in my next LD, but now I am kinda hesitant to do something crazy and stupid like that!

  2. What is the best reality check to do? I’ve heard of looking at your hands, but if they were deformed, that would kinda freak me out…My brother said to plug your nose and breathe out of it…is this effective?

If any one has advice, that would be great!

  1. You might have those feelings in a LD, but it is also possible that you won’t. If you start off with not having them, then you might be able to awaken those senses if you have a LD.
    And touch and smell do happen in ND’s but are not as common as other senses.
  2. I think you can feel pain, but just as much as you can in a ND, but if you started feeling too much pain you would wake up. However i rarely feel pain, even when i jump of the tallest building around and hit the floor.
  3. The best reality check is the best one that works for you. Just do the one that happens often in your dreams if possible.

dunno, i think i have all the ordinary 5 senses! but it’s proven that blind people see in dreams! the theory is that some images are printed in your genetic code! that’s a theory that fundaments(?) Carl Jung’s theory of the colective sub-conscious.
i once knew a girl that didn’t smell, and tasted very little…
you’ll probably be able to try new things! exercising your senses, exercising other senses, exercising inner peace(that’s my favorite!)

i’m glad you gave up trying to jump of a big building. that way you probably never do it IRL thinking that your dreaming!

RC’s: i usually stick my finger through my hand or through the wall, it’s fun, but i never got Really lucid! that technique your brother told you is good! you can also double-check what you see, and what you read…
i think there’s a topic on RC’s in the Quest for lucidity forum!

good luck

thanks for your advice Alex. I haven’t had a lucid dream yet (I just started keeping a dream journal), but I had two half-lucid ones…
So, basically, you can do anything you want in a lucid dream and barely feel pain? :colgate:

Pain is relative to you in a dream, if in ND you expirience pain often in a dream, there is a more likely chance you will in an LD.
I also believe that you should be able to control weither or not you want to feel pain (after developed control of an LD… i haven’t a lot of luck creating sensations or feelings, but only situations to create those sensations or feelings) but i wholeheartedly believe that you should be able to control the degree of pain you expirience (if by some chance you do actaully feel pain) or eliminate it all together.

C’est la Vie


I’ve actually felt pain in one of my LDs before. I was hovering off the ground and fell, hitting my knees. I suggest trying something like that before you go jumping off buildings, just to test it.

Oh, and the holding-your-nose RC rocks! :grin:

‘suggest trying something like that before you go jumping off buildings, just to test it.’
Yes, that would be a wise idea. :grin: If you get hurt by falling on your knees…then I can only imagine how it would feel to jump off…say, the empire state building! :eek:

I’m kinda far from actually lucid dreaming though, I’m still trying to remember my dreams. (the dream diary’s workin’ though.) I’ve had two half-lucid dreams before, but that was a long time ago! How do you practice lucid dreaming? My brother said doing reality checks throughout the day helps…does it?

And also, I know that this is a stupid question, but is this in anyway sacriligious? (sp?) (I’m a Christian)

It’snot at all sacreligous.

Okay, that’s good. :smile: I just wanted to make sure.

dreamer_chic welcome on board! About pain, it is relative to what you think will happen. You can perhaps feel great pain falling on your knees in a LD if you expect it, but you could feel nothing but pleasure jumping off high buildings and smashing into the ground… remember it’s all a dream and expectations rule most of your experiences.

Forget Jung, he’s ancient. Images are not imprinted into the DNA. People who are born blind cannot see ordinarily in dreams (but do seem to “see” shapes), people who became blind during life normally can see fine during dreams.

You could poke your eyes out with hot sticks, skin yourself and then cut off each of your limbs in an LD.
And not feel any pain.

Of course, I’m not entirely sure why you’d want to do that though :wink:.

But in short, I wouldn’t worry about pain. And jumping off tall things is fun :smile:.

Welcome to the forum dreamer_chic! :wave:

Yes, we have. But you can have these senses in ND too.

It depends on your expectations. If you want to crash down from the building, you’ll perhaps feel pain, but it’s not sure. :confused: I just felt pain once in a LD, it was when I tried to pinch my arm as a RC… but it failed. :cry:

Don’t pinch your arm! :happy: (Just kidding, it could be effective.) I like looking at my hands, I find this very funny and not frightening at all. But it has been made a little poll on another forum, and it seems that the best RC is plugging your nose and breathing through it.

One of the first quotes about LD’ing was a Saint Augustine quote. So I don’t think it’s sacrilegious. But I’m not a theologian… :tongue:

The person who wrote that message is my best friend IRL. :cool_laugh: I don’t think it’s sacreligious to have dreams where you can thonk and feel things. I have read a part in the bible about stuff like that and there’s nothing in there against it. (Just don’t get your fortune told or be obbsessed with your horiscope)

In an LD i fell into the water from 10,000 feet in the air and there was no pain :happy:

But I can still feel pain in a dream right? Its just that I want to make things realistic so that if someone shoots me in the arm, I will feel the pain that should happen.

One of the things that I like LD is that I could probably make a challenge for myself, but if there was no pain, it kind of takes away some of the glory I might feel.

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lol - a member going by the name of ‘Goth_Dreamer’ is well versed in the Bible.

Sorry, I just found that ironic (cos goths are generally protrayed as Satanic) :wink:.