Found my dreamthemes!

Deserted islands,

So i found out my main dreamthemes. I have lots of dreams that are about mario kart, fighting side-by-side with Link , being stuck on a deserted island, at a carnival at nighttime, and getting chased by dragons
So far ive been able to become more lucid when i dream about dragons, i guess it’s more of a dead givaway that i am dreaming than dreaming of being at a carnival or playing a videogame is. I’ve even had mixes of these dreamthemes, like one time i dreampt of getting chased by a dragon at a carnival near the sea, and just last night i dreampt of getting chased by a dragon (and became lucid dreaming and made up rules for the game. That was so much fun!)

But so far i can only manage go become lucid when a dragon is involved. I’m still new so i’ve been having a hard time becoming lucid but once i do i can take it from there. How can i notice my other dreamthemes better so i can become lucid when i see them?

Thats awesome! I have over 200 dreams logged in my book, but they all seem so different :sad: . I wish I could find my dreamsign too, just for the sake of interest. Good work though! Hope you get more LDs because of it :grin:

Nice! :smile:

Yeah, I had so many video game dreamthemes that I sold my ps3, because gaming was too inducing. I just don’t like being in a pixel/gaming world like that.

Ugh, like minecraft for me in one case :bored: … but actually my dreams tend to meld together to make a preety convincing combination of both cartoon and real life. almost like in that looney toons movie but not quite. Its kinda like a super H-D version of the video game…

I’m not much of a gamer, the only game that I have dreams about is the Sims, and I get to freeze time while I’m in the dream (although I’ve never been lucid at this point).

I usually find myself in themes of books. My most common ones are of course my favourites: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the most fun one has been Gulliver’s Travels.

I have never been able to be lucid in something that isn’t my own environment. If the dream I’m in is influenced by something fiction that I did not make up (i.e. at the Hogwarts castle within the Harry Potter books), then i find it hard to be lucid. Perhaps this is the same for you. You’re more lucid concerning things that aren’t from games, like dragons (a universal fantastical creature) and that’s why you can become lucid?



i find it pretty funny that a person with the username lux isnt a gamer, as lux is a champion in the game league of legends :smile:

About two nights ago i dreampt about animal crossing… i had navi following me around and i was trying to plant dandylions :tongue: