fourth LD since started ((:

last night i had my fourth LD after a long dry spell

I was in a corridor in my house fighting jack sparrow :eh:
he had a sword and i had scissors
then he tried to reflect the daylight from outside to my eyes with his sword.
I ran outside to the street and he didnt follow me. then i looked around and suddenly understood i was dreaming, it came from nowhere

so i looked at my hands and my fingers were half of their real size :tongue:

so I was looking around and everything looked so vivid. then i got back inside the house and forgot i was dreaming :cry:

the whole experiance was like 30 seconds but it was fun!

Great! You’re on your way :yay:

Don’t give up, I just had my 7th LD THIS YEAR last night, so as you can see, I have long dryspells.

My dream wasn’t as interesting as yours. I was walking along a dirt road outside of my home town and (like you) all of the sudden I said wait, I’m dreaming, I want to fly. I tried jumping in the air but it wasn’t working. I tried running and jumping only to face plant along side the road. The weird thing is was that I actually felt the pain of hitting the road.

But anyway, don’t give up, keep dreaming, you’ll get it!

4 LDs… Good!! :content: I haven’t had one in two weeks… :sad:

thnx for replying

today i had a ND
me and my friend were ghost hunters and we kinda got into trouble with a scary purple ghost that likes to cut people :bored:

just as it was about to cut me i woke up and understood what a huge dream sign i missed…

Right on, one more and you’ll be tied up with me ^^ LDing seems to come much easier to me since I’ve been reading LaBerge. And definately doing more reality checks works, thats how I got lucid for a majority of them :tongue:

Keep it up! :yay:

Awesome!! I also had my fourht LD recently :yay:

I had my sixth LD Lastnight. Yippe and good luck everyone. I started 9 days ago

six LDs after nine nights??? whoa thats quite amazing you are a natural! :tongue: