FPS Creator

Anyone got this? It looks interesting…


You create your own First-Person Shooter games.

Heck someone could create a LD4ALL version, lol, that’d be funny.

That’s the engine Blood 3 was going to be based on, until we switched to Source.

I want to create versions of some of my fun dreams with this. That would be cool.

ShaggE - what’s Blood 3?

Peacho - that would be cool!

Blood 3 is the project Felipe Gall and I are working on, there’s a thread in the Garden of Creation I’m using as a dev blog for it. (the original was lost in the crash)

www.planetblood.com for info on Blood 1 and 2

Wow… who’s website is that?

So are you guys making the entire game or something? gee…

That’s a GameSpy website (we had nothing to do with Blood 1 and 2, we’re just fans tired of waiting for a sequel :razz:)

We’re trying to find more people to recruit though, Felipe is the modeler and general ideas guy, and I’m scripting, plotting, and doing some voice work… but we haven’t done much yet, we’re waiting to get the SDK to work, and my HL2-capable machine up and running again.

so you’re programming it and everything yourself? Impressive… I had a go at programming once… I was pretty crappy at it, but I have a locigal way of thinking and managed to think of ways to make stuff work well. But I never got very far.

Good luck ShaggE.

Thanks, but the hard code is already done for us, thanks to Source being so moddable :happy:

Although, when it’s finished, it’ll be hard to tell it’s a Half Life mod, we’re rebuilding every last texture, sound, and skin, ramping up the AI and difficulty level, and making it much scarier and funnier :razz:

(Remember the poisonous zombie in HL2, and the “OH S****!” feeling most of us got when it started coming after us, tossing poison headcrabs our way? That’s the feeling I want to recreate with Blood 3)

Interesting… if you like I could try to help out in various ways. Although i’m not entirely sure in which ways… or am I sure how much time I will have but - I could work on textures, fairly basic 3d modelling, fx/music… not sure about programming i’ve never tried source before but I currently work with php/mysql so if you needed a site with login/ect. I could help out there.

We could definitely use a new website, our old one fails on every conceivable level lol

Well who is paying for the domain-name and hosting service? I don’t like to pay for things where I don’t need to, hehe. Or - would this project be using a free host? I think I know a free php host… I used to anyway…

I know some guys who’d love to score instrumental music for the project but typically I bet they would ask to be payed a commision. I’m in the middle of creating a music album at the moment in my spare time in addition to the Painting Passdown game (and perhaps the LD4ALL Flash Film when you recover the script :razz:).

you could get a .tk name for free :eh: :cool:

.tk force advertisements… horrible horrible!

tinyurl is better than .tk

We’re trying to do everything free, (besides the copies of HL2 of course) so whatever free domain that can make it look prettyful :razz:

The music will be the tough part, since it’ll be VERY difficult to find musicians that will work for free. (Or voice actors for that matter… I wanted to get the guy who played Caleb in Blood 1 and 2, but he charges waaaay too much lol)

When I buy a microphone I might be able to help out there. - I plan to buy a fairly good microphone -mainly so I can add some vocals to my music later down the track.

I’ll have a look for the free php host. Could you direct me to the old website? I got some hosting and a few domain names which will last for less than 1 year - www.bandsofwar.com

I don’t mind allowing a subdomain at forsakendays.com - it’s barely used anyway - besides my www.forsakendays.com/neomarine site.



Ok - who modelled that hand! Geebuz

Random: Anybody have RPG Maker or Game Maker?

That would be Felipe’s work :happy:

Peacho: I do indeed have RPG Maker