Free Lucid Induction CD Download, part II

I am going to try that for sure :content:

Did it work for you?

Hi guys,

Im new to this forum so just making my way around all the suggested hints, tips and tricks to get lucid! Just downloaded this track and transferred it to cd. Im an Unsuccessful Dreamer as of yet, so lets see what effect this track has. Fingers crossed…(as well as toes) :neutral:

My ND’s last week are about one-two days apart.

I had a dream the night before last and then used the induction mp3 last night and had an ND.
I will use it again tonight and if a dream is recalled I will post again saying it is a positive influence on me, at least.

I am also making a very detailed induction, deepening and particular symptom (smoking, nailbiting, confidence) script for myself, i guess i will modularise it and maybe it’ll end up on the forums for you guys to play around with.

It’d be nice if someone could point me in the direction of some LD induction scripts. Like, proper ones, not like the mp3 repeating ‘you are dreaming’ over and over again…


Well, my dream count has gone up to 1 dream recalled every night after using this tool (haven’t had DC like this for a long time.)

Seems it works.

I’ve got speakers right at my bedside, so I’ll be using this mp3-listening technique along with the WBTB method.

I tried it for the first time last night, it didn’t get my lucid but the enthusiasm I had gave me the first regular dream I’ve had in a few weeks.

I’m back on the LD-seeking boat. Wish me luck!

n00dle, what helped you with your DR? The one you created? I could use a little help with my DR. I have a feeling I’m having LDs but can’t remember them (I didn’t go to school yesterday, so I wasnt in a rush in the morning, as usual. I remembered a part of a dream where I tried to make something happen, but i dont know if I was lucid. Maybe it was pre-lucid.)

I’d just like to here how many people this cd has worked for?

Is there a no-voice version of this track? I understand that the whole point of it, is the voice, but I think the sound of it helped me sleep and it would be good on days where I do not need lucid but want a good sleep.


hi, i’ve downloaded and burned the track on CD and i thougt it would be good to check if it works along with WBTB method. I set an alarm to wake me at 5 AM. When i woke up at 5 AM i took my cd player and played the track… unfortunately i couldn’t fall asleep listening to it :neutral: … the next night i wanted to try it again. Again, i woke up at 5 AM, but this time i thougt that it might be good if I started the track to play in the same moment that i fall asleep, so as the sounds don’t prevent me from falling asleep. I put my finger on the ‘play’ button of my cd player and I waited to become more sleepy. I tried to push the button right before i drop off. Finally I fell asleep and forgot to push the button but… even i hadn’t played the track I not only had the LD but it was also the longest one of very few in my life :smile: … i was also quite surprised when i woke up at 6 AM with my finger still on the button … lol … all in all i had a nice LD so thanx :happy:

PS. sorry for my english

The download doesn’t work :sad:

^^^ yep im on the same boat as nightshade:( seems the download wont work

same here.

Yeah, I’m just getting “The connection was refused” type of thing. >_>

can someone please fix the download im dying to try this


lol we ll unforutenly i just realized this file was first posted in september lol! talk about being late…

is there anybody that could maybe put it up on and give the link? itd be greatly apperciated!! … 95586.html

Is this it?

Here’s a direct working link. I think this is it.


Works. I’ll try this and tell you all how it goes.

may i please get the link from the beggining please because now it doesnt work!