Free Lucid Induction CD "Download"

Sounds promising :smile: I’m definitely going to try it out. Would be so awesome if it really helped! :smile:

Congrats and thanks phoenelai!! :thumbs: :happy:

Did you know that this EXACTLY SAME file is available at

I wasnt able to test that site because I was at work. It stated it was adult content so I couldnt enter. What does that site have to do with lucid dreaming?

I created the file so they must have downloaded and posted shortly after I did. It’s okay though, I wanted to share it!


I trust Warp My

I think it sounds very promising indeed - at the right time and minset, i think it would help greatly

The night after listening to this, I dont remember having an LD, but I do remember having an extremely vivid dream! One like never before!!!

to see it, click here

Personaly i think that what happened is a very good thing indeed.

Increased dream vividness can only be a good thing, right?

i also remember 2 times in that dream that I should have become lucid, but sadly, didnt.

  1. ) When I stared at the digital clock on the wall and the time said, “5:75”. ( I even remember looking at this, and thinking, “This cant be right.”)


  1. ) When I tried to use the phone that wouldnt punch in numbers/dial, or connect! (But then that would mean that im dreaming right now, lol, because my phone NEVER connects lol)

Just a heads sup, that’s not the same file at warpmymind. It’s some lady talking, sounds like she trying to hypnotize you. I didnt create! Their file name is LRInduction2 - which this is not a match either. They actually have two files, the other is a guy talking but no soothing music either.


Oh yea sorry i thoughtthat it was the same file but it isnt,sorry…:ack: i know whats the problem, why i thought so buts its WAY too complicated.But hey since you made this could you make one similiar but only with that sea sound, if its not too much asked? i love the part where i can hear the waves but then the weird “jumpy” part only wakes me up… :roll:

It worked!!! the very same night i used it. I don’t know if it was an OBE or a LD but the thing is that it was very vivid. I gonna try again sometime soon…maybe today

Sure thing, what your enjoying is the Space Distortion by Tamas Labs. … d025_d.htm

It’s just Waves with drones and tones, really deep hypnotic stuff. Give me sometime to record it then post. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you thank you VERY much!! Im so happy now! i cant wait :cool_laugh: !

Wow thats very kind of you, sure i speak for us all when i say a big thankyou!

well, I’m looking forward to tonights little test. deffinatly excited, and quite eager to see if it works. I’ll post if it works tomorrow

Oh, forgot to say

I’ve tried it twice now, no success but i didnt try it at the right times so i’ll try again tonight.

The first time which i’ve already mentioned i tried to go to sleep with it from the start of the night, and felt the spinning and that weird wobbling sensation before becoming too frustrated and giving up. The second time i intended to wake up at 3am and try it then, but my mobile phone (which i use as an alarm clock) needed charging so i used a technique i’ve tried before with varying success - simply telling myself that i wanted to wake up at 3am, which has worked before (within an hour or two margin of error), but didnt this time. I DID wake up early, but it was at 6:30 and i was too near waking up to slip back into sleep with audio playing, as in the week i have to get up uater of an hour later for work.

If I have time to down load it I will give it a try tonight and post any results tomorrow.

Okay, Space Distortion has now been posted. This is just the wave wash with drones and tones (no vocals are other sounds). Everyone is very welcome, but I dont want to underhand Tamas Labs. This is only 1 part of 4 tracks on the Space Distortion release. If you like it, please purchase some full cd releases by Tamas Labs, let’s keep them in business so they can keep putting out great stuff. I beleive in supporting folks who are doing great things out there!

They are available at


(download space distortion Part I)

It worked! After several weeks of no LDs, I had one low-level LD and two prelucid dreams last night after listening to your soundfile for several hours yesterday evening. Wow amazing, especially because I always dream in Dutch :smile: I’ll keep experimenting with it and let you know the results :smile: Thanks again for offering us this wonderful file! :thumbs:

:shy: well, I thought it hadn’t worked at first, but upon careful inspection, I found out my media player was on mute. I’ll try again tonight :content:

oh, and I have a question. Do you do any techniques while listening to it, or do you just fall asleep?