Free online dream books


This is a great new feature of google to search for public domain / free books … and read them right away online!

Some books are restricted and unable to be viewed fully, so be sure to click the search button “Full View” to search for books that are available in their entirety. yay

Of course I searched for “Lucid Dreams”
“Lucid Dreaming”

Thanks, I registered with Google books a while ago & then forgot about it (… :tongue: ).

You can also use Amazon’s Search Inside sometimes to read inside books they’re selling (up to a page limit) if you’re registered with them, which is kinda useful sometimes too.

Anyway, I just managed to find something on Google they don’t have listed on Amazon (they don’t have it listed with Search Inside anyway) ~ “Dream Drugstore” by J.Hobson ~ which I’ve been wanting to look at, so thanks for the reminder… :cool:

are we able to download them using acrobat reader