do you have the sense of freedom and Tao that lucidity brings you, while awake?

why is it that if walking down a lucid street you have the silent and possibly liberating knowledge that whatever you do, you’re more or less free…

but walking down a real street you can be like an ant or a zombie, mindless and enslaved…

shouldn’t the two cross over? I think that was the point of Waking Life.

I just woke up from a dream where I was around campus and just kind of started flying. It felt different than many dreams, and some people actually remarked about my flight, as if suprised or astonished. And yet, some of these people were walking or flying through the sky with me, as if to denote that some of the citizens of my location have some advanced awareness as well.

it was a different vibe than many lucid scenes… but the simplicity of flying, without even really acknowladging that i was dreaming… it was like “see this is great… I can fly better than usual and I am free to fly when I want to”

the mechanism of flight is a natural instinct to me now, and i’m not really sure if i even mused upon the fact that I was dreaming or not, that knowledge really only came to the left brain upon meeting someone in the air.

yet there i was, part of “reality” and just second nature i just took off and flew and … makes me wonder why we don’t feel that way while “awake”

we definitely CAN.

Hi Holy Reality,

I find your posts interesting because it sounds like your looking for the same thing I am - the truth.

I too have seen the Waking Life movie numerous times it presents many clues to discovering the truth about this ‘reality’ and also helps to increase our awareness. Excellent movie I like it a lot :smile:

I believe I have the sense of freedom and Tao that lucidity brings, whilst I am awake. I feel my own spiritual presense constantly - which gives me the sense of freedom because I know I am more than just this body living in this visible spectrum we call reality - I dont just know it, I can feel it. I know when I die I will not be dead in the sense that nothing will exist - I know that I will continue to live as a spirit just perceiving reality in a different way. Although I may not be able to perform magical acts like in lucid dreams, I have all the freedom I need because of this ‘enlightenment’. I do however, hope that I may someday merge ‘reality’ with the dreaming world and become all that I can be as a part of consciousness within the pure consciousness we call god.

I too have had many dreams where I fly naturally as if it were second nature like driving a car - when I am not even lucid. However, I believe the reason we can feel this way when asleep and not when we are awake is because when we sleep we tap into that extra consciousness - the pure consciousness known as god. When we live out our lives in ‘reality’ we are only a part of the pure consciousness but when we fall asleep are consciousness expands and is no longer borded up by the limitations of reality thus enabling us to get those answers we require not to mention unwind. Its like they said on Waking Life “how is it we are able to get answers/ideas in our dreams we would not normally be able to get.” When he is talking to that girl and becomes lucid… she was talking about a drama play she was writing and he says something along the lines of “wow, thats a really good idea - i wouldn’t have come up with that and this is my dream so how is this possible?”

In conclusion, awareness and realisation are but steps towards merging the two realities (that is dreamlife and realife) its overcoming and using this information that is the difficult part.

Lucid Living? I don’t really know if that’s what you’re meaning, but it might be a nice idea to check the topic anyway :content:

I think I know what you mean. I had dreams where I sort of flied but I didn’t realise it was a dream. Yet it gave such a great feeling. I even wondered if it was a dream, but came to the conclusion you can do this in waking life too. I then realised it wasn’t the first time I had ‘flown’ like this when I was younger. (It was more a sort of making big jumps than flying) I was a long time under the impression I never had flown in dreams.

A few weeks ago I was on vacation and I felt exactly this feeling from the dream while walking to the place where I stayed. I was walking alone on the street with an amazing feeling. I had the feeling I could fly, maybe it was the feeling of freedom.

Now I notice, those kind of things always seem to happen when I’m either in my dream on vacation or in real on vacation. Maybe vacation gives me freedom, or it was just that moment. The rest of the dream points towards that as well…

I’ve got two other experience - not on vacation or some sort - but they were rather different. It was more like I really had the idea I was dreaming. Yet I didn’t really have that feeling of freedom as I had the other time. So not really what you’re meaning I guess…

After reading what you both said I want to find ‘Waking Life’ even more.

Eonnn that’s neat. I think we can perform “magical” acts though. I had this dream I was playing pool and could control it a bit, then IRL when I played pool with my brother there were times when I deliberately controlled his shots… it’s a very tricky thing to do but then I realized that yes I actually had some freedom to actually do this, and that I shouldn’t. So I stopped.

the most curious thing about this dream is that when I stumbled into “conscoiusness” and into a normal dream, I was talking to my friend, and then this group of people came in, and every single thing I thought they acted out. I know this is how dreams normally are, but I was very very aware of the process.

They were all leaning up against each other along the walls of his place and I wanted to join in, but there wasn’t a girl next to me, but I did it anyway and leaned on my friend, but I was thinking like “well this will make them think I’m gay” and the entire room starts chatting and joking about me being gay…

then my friend gets a chicken sandwich brought to him, but I’m thinking about how I’m a vegetarian and he goes “oh wait, I’m a vegetarian now” and he opens it up and it looks like a yummy fried pita kind of thing.

Then I start talking about this thing I read about a certain drug and he picks up and he’s like “oh yeah I heard that too”

the feeling it left me with, was like, this is how REALITY works, if we could just realize it (which we can). Like all our interactions with people work this way on a certain level.

that’s exactly it. it’s a strange realization, taking flight and thinking “I can always do this” and actually believing it true. It makes you wonder.

the DCs that I try to teach to fly often have lots of troubles though. I’m not sure if that’s expectation or not, but I tried to teach groups of people to fly maybe 2-3 times in this days dreams (with mucho oversleeping)

@ holy reality - You’re right, it’s possible to control other peoples actions. I can make my friend miss his shots at pool (He’s MUCH better than me, so it wouldn’t be fun if he didn’t get any competition :content: ). It can’t be chance either, today I tried it six times and succeeded 5 of them :grin:
He still won everytime though :neutral:

If it was a dream I’d understand, because thought is reality in dreams, but how can that rule also count (even though it can’t defy any of the other laws of our universe) IRL?

Does that, somehow, prove that this is just one plane of existance, and that there’s many others waiting for us?

I haven’t really thought this through, so there might be many facts proving otherwise, but it could seem right, couldn’t it?

Bah, I’m not making any sense, and I’m getting totally lost here … This is what happens when you don’t get enough sleep :wow:

Yes, I too have controlled people’s shots at pool and made them miss and mine go in… to the point where i could make balls stop rolling when they are supposed to keep going. For some reason I stopped doing this… maybe it was because people started looking at me strange :tongue:

It works on many levels, controlling the flow of traffic and traffic lights for example. Or when you start thinking of something and somebody else starts talking about what your thinking about.

I think maybe the next step from awareness and realisation is synchronisation… getting daily events and thoughts to sync up. Once you are in sync with the world and you have the awareness and realisation that these kind of things are possible then perhaps it will lead to being able to have these dream abilities IRL.

yeah i mean this stuff is pretty real. i don’t know about stopping pool balls, that’s crazy

but for instance on 7/7 i bought a lucky 7 lottery ticket and won $7… i didn’t realize it was 7/7 til after.

however on my grandma’s birthday, she wanted to use her birthday as a lottery ticket, but forgot to get it. and if she did… she would have won $500.

this truck was in front of me going real slow and i was chanting “ohhhhh” and i imagined in my head that i would make him pull over so i could pass. he didn’t. but then a bit later i imagined myself saying “thank you kindly” to him after he pulled over, about 3 seconds after having that thought he did it.

the goal like you said is to be in flow so you are just kind of in a tao like way moving with the synchronicities, rather than “forcing” them and being let down and missing all the time.

but the other thing is, what do you use it for? i mean for instance i think it would be bad karma to do it for money… it doesn’t feel right with me at all to do it for that.

and yeah the whole thinking something and someone else says it.

i’ve learned how to “hold” the last thing you said aloud in your head so that normally when people would forget and not respond to it, they go ahead and respond anyway.

kind of like how i do a certain thing to make someone miss a shot… like i knew if i anchored my thought of him missing with using my voice in a strange way, like externding the last syllable of what i’m saying out and kind of vibrating it, that it would happen.

but this too is not a right usage… making people miss pool shots lol.

it is things like this that seem to confirm the dreamlike nature of reality. but unfortunately it can be quite bad if your negative thoughts manfiest.