Frequency of REM sleep?

I had an idea for an LD induction method, and I’m going to write a program that activates when I’d probably be dreaming.

I have a few questions about REM sleep. About how much time passes between the time you go to sleep and the time you enter REM? How long does the first REM period last? And approximately how much do both periods increase each time you go through the cycle?

If it works, I’ll post the results here…

Welllllcoomme to the forum Adam Atlas, a search of this site (note the "Search button on the top bar… you can also use Google to search within this site if you want better results…)
revealed this topic that should help you:

Using REM periods … +frequency

PLEASE search within the site in the future! :bored:

And please do write a program. We looovvee programs. Good luck.