frequent radio dreams

when i was little, prehaps 5-12 years old, i had had frequent radio dreams. this happened really a lot when i was 6,7,& 8, in which i had 4 dreams about it normally. anyways, what happens was in the middle of the dream, a radio would suddenly appear into the senery. it would tell me to do something. i would always refuse. as soon as i did, the radio would emit a horrible noise. it is a mix of a radio that is not in a signal and whale calls. something from like a alein movie. this noise overcomed me, and eventually my whole body vibrated, and it felt like extremly strong lightning was running through me. it was painful. normally, right after that, i woke up and couldnt go back to sleep. anyone know what this was? please let me know

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My first impression is that it sounds similar to some WILD experiences. Perhaps you were fully feeling yourself leaving the dream?