Frequent "Work" dreams

This last week, I had about 4-6 ND’s focused on my job. I have heard it’s common for some people who first start a stressful job to have similarly stressful dreams of, say, waiting tables at a restaurant for instance. However my dreams actually involve logical & mathematical computations, generally things that involve critical thinking. And i definitely am not new to the job. Does anyone have any similar instances in their dreams? The thing i can’t get is, it feels like i’m using my brain so much during the dream while actually reading and comprehending number’s and words, and doing math during the dream; but you would think at a point like that i would have gained lucidity from the critical thinking in the dream’s subject matter. Though, i’m not even sure it’s stress that’s causing the dreams. I’m not exactly overwhelmed at work. Maybe the feelings i experience during the dream (whether an illusion of stress, or whatever it is) are keeping me too preoccupied to realize i’m dreaming?

Since you have had the same job for a while, wouldn’t that mean that your actions are somewhat mechanical, per se? As in based on your memories more than logic?

I also dream about work very often. It’s not stressful at work to me though. For me the explanation is simply that I spend more than half of my day at work or going to/from work, so naturally my mind is occupied by it a lot.
I had a discussion with a colleague once about different types of jobs though. There are some jobs were you do the same sort of work every day. So when you quit in the evening and go home, you can basically forget about your work because next day you’ll just start all over again. There is a lot of repetition.
The kind of work I’m doing however is realized in projects. And in the evening when I go home, the project is not finished. Instead, I’ll have to continue next day where I left off the previous day. If you are constantly in such a job, then you sort of “take your work home with you”, at least in your mind, if you cannot somehow shut if off. And then it just seems reasonable to me to also dream about it very often.