Do your RL friends in your dreams act the way you wish they would? Or do they act totally normal?

I’ve had it both ways, my friends act the way I wished they did, and I’ve had it where they would do something that is like their personality in RL.

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I think that your subconcious takes in every thing that they due. There personalities, their actions, the way they react to certain things. And in your dreams, the data your subconsious has collected is put into the “friend’s” character. Does this make any sence??

well my friends our JUST as outrageous in dreams as in WL :razz:

i can’t rely on them giving me dreamsigns because most of the illogical stuff they would do in a dream, they would do in WL too :lol:

my RL friends act just like they do in my dreamz. It is rly bad for me cuz sometimes they are so convincing i dotn become lucid

My friends act like brats…
They’re not brats… ALL the time IRL.