from Lucid to False Awakening

so most of the time when i become lucid i can usually play around for a bit and then i wake up. Then i realise much later, when i acctually wake up, that my lucid dream ended with FA and i could’ve kept dreaming

i was just wondering if this happens to anyone else often, and what you personally do to …er fix it i guess

Usually, if I have a FA during a LD, I “wake up” in my room. Every time I wake up in actual life, I look at my surroundings and make sure I’m in my room… :lol:

As a result, whenever I have a FA during dreams, I observe my surroundings and whenver something is out of place or just completely WRONG, I do a RC and realize I’m dreaming!

(Most of my more powerful LD s happen after FA s)

Yup!, as Rotten Apples says, the best thing to do is to make it a habit to do a RC whenever you wake up from sleep, if you make this a habit then you’ll automatically do it in a FA and then badam!, you’re lucid :smile:


I have similar experiences


I woke up and looked at the crack in the door

without realizing it, my eyes closed, but I still saw the door

then it turned to a nightmare