Fruit Dreams?

Do dreams about fruit mean anything?

I frequently Dream about pinapples…so, anyone dream about fruit?

Nope, but I have to say pineapples are my favorite fruit… :tongue:

maybe you have a subconscous craving for pinapples :cool:

Perhaps your subconsious is pineapple-y in some way, i.e. spiky or delicious.

Mmmm… Subconscious.

I think fruit represents life and vigor, or maybe prosperity. But it’s probably different from person to person.

hmm…that’s interesting!

I do love pinapples though…goes to buy a pineapple

I dream about ham and pepperoni and all kinds of meaty stuff… Born to be a carnivore. :razz: :rofl:

You could always look up what pineapples mean in a dream dictionary… although personally I don’t believe in those things. I mean, a pineapple might not represent to you the same thing it represents to me.

:tongue: Pineapples, pineapples.

Now that I think about it, I had pineapples earlier today.

Fruits? No I never had that kind of dream fruits :lol:!

It’s quite interesting, I think usual dream objects can represent to you the same emotion it can carry while you’re seeing it in your dream.

Fruit takes my lucidity away. I mean it! If I eat fruit in LDs, I lose my lucidity rightaway!

I finally have a reply to this topic! Last night I dreamt that my room was filled with bananas. :tongue: (Read my DJ for more information). :good:

Yay! I’m not alone!

Oh, and anyone who has read my dream diary will know that i had a dream about tornados, well when we stopped the Tornados, aload of pineapples fell from the sky…

Tonight I saw Cards with finger settings for guitar chords on them and the places where you put your fingers were marked by bananas and some other fruits.

:eek: :eek: I never played guitar. I didn’t even know what these things were or how they looked like until I searched for it right now. :eek: :eek:

I had the shortest dream ever yesterday. It was 3 seconds long and had an image of a banana and a seahorse and said “remember this”
Then I woke up like wtf. :confused:

Well, I remember it. Maybe I could ask my SG what it means.

Shem, maybe you can ask your SG too, that is if you’ve found yours yet.

:lol: I loved that explanation. :content:

nope, haven’t met him/her yet.

By the way, can I decide what/who my SG is?

anyway. Now i’m worried.

I dreamed that i married a pinapple (it had a wedding dress and all) but then i wanted a divorce so i had to eat 100 tomatoes. So i put them in a smoothie, then woke up. I mean, wtf?

oh yeah, and i have realised I do not have a comepletely sane mind :content:

:lol: you are probably having more pineapple dreams because you are posting about them and thinking about them. With the result you end up incubating pineapple dreams :tongue:

Maybe it means your a fruit :razz:?

Jokin, I LOVE FRUIT especially pineapple. Can’t say I’ve ever dreamed of one, but I do have my reoccuring dream themes, as does everyone I’m sure.

Are you eating the pineapples, or what are they doing in the dream?

Maybe that would help you or us figure it out a bit easier, if you told us that.

MMMMM Lycheees and mangos do it for me :happy:

Now that I think of it, this topic has reminded me of eating flat, disc shaped pinapple slices jsut yesterday. :notify:

My mother bought a whole pinapple beforehand, then sliced it up for me - and eating fresh pineapple is great! :thumbs:

It is much sweeter than when it’s canned.

[color=indigo]Perhaps someday you will find a cure for cancer using Potassium and Seahorse parts.[/color]