Frustrated...I keep having False Lucid Dreams?

I hope I gain some knowledge on this, I’ve done this 3 times :grrr: !!!

Last night I had a dream I became lucid ((that awareness wasn’t there)). I did everything I would do when I am Lucid. I rubbed my hands and asked for more lucidity. My cousin was there and I told her I was lucid.
I tried to fly in my last “real lucid dream” and was unsuccessful…in this FLD, I remembered that and took a different approach with success :eek: . I didn’t fly, it was more like levitation ((still pretty cool)). I even created music in this FLD which is something I wanted to do while lucid.

I’m just frustrated because it seems like I keep tricking myself. Even though i do lucid things, that “click” of awareness isn’t there :sad:

I do reality checks by holding my nose ((once every hour)) but I’m not “into it” that much :help: .

I hope this makes sense. :peek:
I keep having dreams about being lucid.

Any tips?

I do use a dream journal :wiske:

Please somebody help :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help:

Hi, ShyPrettyOdd.

This part you need to get right:

RC’ing is like everything else in life. You can do it however you want but if you do it right you can enjoy the full experience. When we are awake and when we do RC if we do it mindlessly like plugging your nose and seeing that we can’t breathed which means we are not dreaming and if we stay at that action alone then this is what happens in dreams.

Most of the times dreamers don’t become lucid nor they do lucid dream like things. You do that but like you described you lack this click of awareness. Your logical mind knows that if you can’t breath that it isn’t a dream and your error is that you don’t question this situation further. To look at it from a different angle put yourself in the position of your lucid self and imagine what would happened if you were to act in the same way that you do in the waking life after RC’ing and realizing that it isn’t a dream at the moment.

So you are in a dream. You do a RC and you can breath. You do normal lucid dream stuff. Do you question that further?

The same is in waking life. You are in physical world. You do a RC and you can’t breath. You do normal physical world stuff. Do you question that further?

So my point is that your way of RC’ing and accepting the answer that was provided by the RC is done the same way in a dream, more or less mindlessly. When you do RC try to make it as more then one action (more then just plugging your nose). What I find more efficient is mental RC’s. Stop whatever you are doing and just ask yourself few simple questions and try to answer them. Of course the best is to combine that with physical RC’s like plugging your nose or hand RC.

So the questions:

First and the most striking question in a dream: Where am I?!
How did I got here. What am I doing. Can I change this state of being?!

And so on and on. This is very subjective part. You can ask yourself whatever questions you like as long as you can give answer to them in waking life…

Well I hope I helped you a little bit at least. Good luck! :content:

Thanks for the :help: db_FTS, it is greatly appreciated :wiske: . I agree, it makes sense. I figured my attitude towards the RCs were part of the reason. I like the new ones you gave: ((Where am I?! How did I get here? What am I doing? Can I change this state of being?!)) I do try to be more lucid in waking life by starring at the surroundings, watching the wind blow and touching trees.

I’ve only tried the nose holding and pushing my finger through my hand technique. I will def. try the ones above. Thanks a bunch :content:

I have a big problem with false lucid dreams myself, so instead of starting a new thread, I’ll give everyone something else to chew on here. Your first post got me thinking whether it’s possible to use the more common features of FLD to become truly lucid, or if the false-lucidity state is inescapable once you enter it. Is a FLD always a dead end, or have some of you ever had a real LD that started out as a FLD?

As far as avoiding FLDs before they happen, I’m thinking we should try meditating on the nature of awareness and what we’re truly trying to accomplish. The way I see it, FLDs occur because our minds have the wrong idea of what lucidity should be. They become preoccupied with the “goal” aspects of becoming lucid (e.g. flying, controlling elements) and get “stuck” there, forgetting what it’s really all about: the awareness. If we take a moment each day to clear our heads of all the cool things we want to use lucidity for and focus more on what it is to become aware in the dream state, it might help to dispel some of the notions that cause FLDs.

I don’t think that the idea of a “false lucid dream” really makes sense. Whether or not you are lucid is determined only by whether or not you know that you are dreaming. Your level of “consciousness” is a separate concept.

For me at least, there is no “click” of consciousness. It’s more of a gradient - in some lucid dreams I have good access to my IRL memories and can think clearly. In other lucid dreams, I am barely more conscious than in normal dreams. But the more I practice, the higher I move up the gradient towards full waking consciousness.

I would say that the dreams you described as FLDs are true lucid dreams, albeit low-consciousness ones. The more you practice, the more conscious you will feel in your lucid dreams. The tips that others have given about RCs and such will help too.

I agree with you when you discuss level of awareness in a dream but ShyPrettyOdd didn’t stated that she knew that she is in a dream only that she did things like she knew she was, therefore this concept of false lucid dream could work. Because that “click” we discussed is actually what you need to make a dream a lucid dream and then your levels of awareness are in play…

I agree. I do get caught up in the “things-to-do-while-lucid” more so than being aware. I’ve had 1 REAL lucid dream that I KNOW for a fact I was aware and making my “dream self” do what “I” wanted, but I’ve had 3 FLD where im doing stuff ive wrote down to do. I think up until now, all Ive been focusing on is the “goals” when my REAL goal should be being “aware” at all times. Thanks for the epiphany :content:
this is why my RCs aren’t working. Im not looking at the meaning behind the RC. :eh:

Do you have any meditation tips? I use to try to meditate but I don’t think I was doing it right :eek: . is it just quieting the mind and thinking of NOTHING or try to focus on thing? :bored:

I basically have dreams about doing Lucid things and even telling dream characters its a dream. The reason why I thought these were FLD is because I wasn’t controlling myself, that “click of awareness” WAS NOT there. When I wake up, its like recalling a normal dream. I was never controlling myself “consciously”. Im having dreams about being lucid but im still acting like I would in a normal dream. So I guess we shouldn’t call this FLD :confused: …more like low level awareness lucid dreams? I got the term FLD from this forum ((im still a newbie to all of this)) I hope it makes sense.

I learn a lot from you guys and this forum. Any tips/suggestions/corrections is greatly appreciated :wiske:

Sweet Dreams

This is an interesting topic, because i too have had these FLD’s or low level awareness dreams. i think that idea that Db_FTS mentions about mentally imagining ourselves doing something is a good one because it makes sense as we are only dealing with mindscape in dreams and i will try that as well as the questioning.
thanks for bringing up this topic, and for answers it has made me realize my mistakes :wiske:

Hey ShyPrettyOdd

Just some thoughts on your situation.

I get the feeling that you’re trying to get to 5th gear without first going through 1st, 2nd, 3rd properly etc.

You know the theory, but are just lacking the practice. And because LD’s can be rare at the start, when you get there it’s very hard to just do the basics, when we know there’s so many greater things that are possible.

I, like you, and probably most other non-natural beginners, was trying to talk to the awareness and visit other planets etc, wanting to do “way out there” things, before just sitting in a lucid dream and trying to control the surroundings, controlling the lucidity of the dream, the stability etc.

What helped me recently is, I took a step back, relaxed a bit about the whole thing, I’m trying some awareness IRL techniques, working on a list of RC’s that I see on certain days, from Stephen La Berges book, like RC when I see a traffic light, open a door, see a bird etc, basically trying to become more aware in real life to help me in my dreams. Also strengthening my will techniques.

Before I would have though you don’t really need to bother much with all that stuff, but tbh, that’s exactly what you do need to concentrate on, because without that, we’re not strong enough to control any sort of lucid dream world, the rare times when we manage to get there.

One tip for lazy RC technique is write the letters “RC” just above your thumb on the back of your hand, do it every morning if it fades. It’s just subtle but every time I see it I turn my hand over and back to check if I’m dreaming, and it finally worked in a dream as my hand was deformed in one dream and I knew I was dreaming. It keeps you thinking of LD’s all during the day, and just makes you remember to be more aware of everything around you. Just a little thing but it works for me.

I hope this helps or makes sense, it’s just my take on what might be happening with you, as it had and still does happen to me sometimes, but I’m starting to overcome it.

Good luck.