Frustration - Two problems

I being having two problems in the last few weeks.

  1. My dream recall consistancy is horrible. I would remember 20 seconds of a dream sometimes and whole 20 min dreams other times. Also I would remember 2 dreams per night for a week straight, only to remember none for the next two weeks.

  2. In the dreams that I sometimes do remember I would get SO close to lucidity. Ex: I would actually say to myself in the dream things like: “I wonder if I can do this in real life?” or “I bet I won’t be able to do this as quickly because it is a dream.” I would basically tell myself that I’m dreaming yet never become lucid. Very frustrating.

Anyone else have these problems?

yep, happens to the best of us

it’s a sign that you’re close to lucidity. Oh, my dream recall is like that too. I’m optimistic about it. It will get better someday. I hope…

If your dream recall is realy horrible wake yourself up after like 6 or 7 hours of sleep and see if you remember anything, mostly this works very good, and you can even try a wbtb at the same time. And missing all the hints in your dream is realy nothing to be worried about, cartainly beginning lucid dreamers have this frequently i think (at least i do). You just have to keep going and soon you will get the message and become lucid.