Frustration with creating wings

Hey all, I read about everybody growing stuff or transforming into something else… like growing wings on their backs or transforming into an animal… when I try in a dream nothing happens. Do you have a few tips to enable me to do this? I thank you in advance.

Hmmm… I’ll use the bird for example! :grin:
Try to feel like you have wings IRL and before you sleep, imagine how a bird feels, how it’s life is and most important: keep practicing, it will come to you after a while. :content:

When i grew wings, all i did was imagine wings on my back, i think, but from memory thats what i did but that LD wasnt too clear. So just close your eyes, imagine wings growing on your back, you should feel a strange feeling around your shoulders, open your eyes and watch them grow!

I didn’t actually see the wings, I just felt them!! Also, it should be more difficult to grow wings and stuff when you have full awereness of your dream… :happy:

When you are growing wings, just turn your head around trying to look at your back, im pretty sure that you will see them, at least with my i could, they were kinda big.

Yeah, I closed my eyes and imagined wings on my back and guess what they were their i watched them grow also.

it was cool watching them grow

Thanks a lot guys, I’ll try that today :smile:

So, in my last LD, yesterday, I was fully aware that I was dreaming. So the day before that I told myself that the first thing I will do is create white angel wings on my back and fly around a little, high in the sky with them. Bad karma. I tried, and tried, but nothing happened at all. I tried to close my eyes to do it and got an FA. I tried to really see myself with wings. Nothing happened. I tried basicly everything I knew to do at that time…

For my next LD, I need some good tips, suggestions and other to help me with this problem from some one experienced and who has grown wings like this before. I know it sounds ridiculous but I really want to fly this way… :sad: and I can’t get it to work… thanks a lot for any advice you can give me.

Well, I dont know if this will help any but this is what I did in my first LD. Closed my eyes and imagined wings grow on my back. Or maybe try opening a drawer and grab wings out of it and put them on or ask a DC to give you some. Just suggestions I have no idea if the last 2 will work but give it a try :grin:

just bear in mind that some people wake up when they close their eyes in an LD. :wink:

But Bright Eyes Rocks is right: the key to do stuff in LDs is visualization. You can practise that awake—close your eyes and try to picture vivid scenes. Try to, with your eyes closed, feel parts of your body: for instance, your feet—focus on your feet, ask yourself where is it, try to feel each finger, wonder how would it feel if you grew little wings on your ankles. Same for the back—feel them, the space they’re in, try to wonder how would it feel to have wings sprouting from them, how would you perceive these wings, how would they occupy space.

Once you have trained your visualization (whether you prefer to train it in waking life, like I just described, or in a dream, by summoning stuff etc), you’ll be able to do a lot more stuff in your dreams, like growing wings and breaking away from gravity. :cool:

I recognise your problem, since I have experienced it myself. I wanted to have wings as well, but they didn’t seem to grow. It’s not ridiculous, I have flown ‘on normal ways’ but never with wings and I really want it too. After I had the fail attempt I made a list how to get wings. Some people helped me with the list :content:

  • I could walk trough a door with ‘wings’ on it. If I’ve been trough the door I have wings.
  • Spin around and imagine I will have wings.
  • Fly normally and just imagine I have wings and know they will appear then
  • ”Abracadrabra wings!” and point to my back. This was similar to what I did it the last dream though.
  • Jump from a cloud. I have to get there first though, but I could do that by flying normally. I never had a problem with normal flying.
  • Look what I’ve got in my pocket to see what could help. For example a ring or powder that will make them grow.
  • Actually feel they’re coming out the back of me. Maybe that’s something I missed in doing, I didn’t really feel it I just though it.
  • Take a pill - or any other food - that will give me wings.

Yet I think Bruno and Bright_Eyes_Rock mentioned the key point. If you read those options, you still need your visualization to make it work. This are only ways to help you to achieve the visualization better.

Good luck and let me hear when you try but fail or succeed to have wings. :content:

Try flying first. Get into the dream air for a bit, and if you want to be a bird, imagine talons; segmented skin with claws at the end, all yellowy and bird-like, then look at your hands. If you were really thinking of them, they will be so. Sometimes, you have to transform lobes of your body individually, otherwise, you could end up a torso with bird legs, wings, and head. In a birds eye view of yourself during a dream, this could look quite peculiar.

I’ve found that you can bring stuff into your dream very easily by putting an item into your pocket before bed (while still awake), and then pulling the item out of your pocket when you become lucid. Very easy - and useful too.

Maybe you could make wings by bringing in a bunch of bird feathers like this, and then sticking 'em into your back to grow… :angel_fly: That part I haven’t tried yet, but maybe I will…