For some reason, I cannot seem to do MILD, WILD or the eyelids technique mentioned on this forum. I just can’t seem to fall asleep if I concentrate on something, I have to allow my mind to wander. If I keep repeating something to myself it keeps me awake. What can I do? Can somebody describe exactly how to do these techniques? (all the information just says ‘while returning to sleep’ etc. etc.) but for me it’s not that simple.

Bear in mind, I have only been tryig for 2 weeks. :shy:


Falling asleep and concentrating on something at the same time is like a sort of balancing act. You have to concentrate, but let go at the same time - perhaps someone else on the forum could explain this a bit better.

Believe me two weeks is not very long in this business. Yes, there are a few lucky people out there who manage it in this time, but it is not normal. Techniques like MILD and WILD take a lot of practice and will come with time.

At the beginning of this year, I had only ever had one or two spontaneous LDs. So far this month, I have had five. Be patient, keep practicing, and you will get there. :content:

For me, this technique only works in the late morning after you have already woken up. It’s nearly impossible to dream when you first go to bed, so don’t try it then.

Kobrakai-WILD is to be done when you really sleepy.I usually compare it to the fight with sleepness which has to be eventually lost.
Then Mild-its just being aware of your surroundings during the day,doing realty checks,and saying to yourself before going to sleep"ill have an ld tonight"few times.No need to force yourself…just let yourself know and let go.Sleep.Thats Mild.
good luck

Thanks guys, I do try it after waking up early in the morning. Problem is, I always drift off to sleep and my mind wanders away from the task. Tonight I will make sure to concentrate on it, relax and fall asleep.