:grrr: Ever since one day I had a near lucid event, where I say HI, and I went into dream state and woke up immediately I can’t seem to get into the state where I see HI, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I’m going to sleep at 9:30, setting my alarm at 2:30, I wake up, read about lucid dreaming, then try to do a WILD, but I just end up falling asleep with no HI… Why’s this? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! :content:

I’ve got this same problem too. About how long after HI begins does dreaming start?

I don’t think that it is a matter of “doing something wrong.” Since no one seems to have much of a sure-fire method of LD’ing that works for everyone, I think it seems like it is mostly a matter of trying different things until something works. Personally, I have had several LD’s when I wasn’t trying too hard or trying to do one of the methods “perfectly.” I have tried to dedicate myself here or there to doing this or that method like obsessively, and so far, that approach hasn’t worked for me. I suppose, it is a matter of finding a comfortable method that works, doing it, but not trying to hard perhaps.
Things like WILD/HI methods may work better for some than others.

to add on to what sruthan just said, different techniques work for different people. of the many LDs i’ve had only 2 of them were from WILDing. WILDing is pretty advanced in my opinion, and i personally, am pretty terrible at it. if you’re just starting out trying to get into LDing, i’d say to try MILD and RCs and of course the obligatory DJ

good luck :yinyang:

Even if you are practicing WILD I would still suggest using MILD and doing reality checks. It turns out to be a great backup to WILD. I have had time where I would do WILD but fall into unconscious sleep and then wake up in my dream.

When I was younger, probably around the age of 5 or 6. I used to be able to WILD voluntarily. I didn’t think much of it then. I could just force myself into a dream if I was tired enough. I wouldn’t become lucid, but I would know it was a dream.

I would imagine exactly what I wanted to happen and what I wanted to do in the dream. Then it would start and I would just let it happen.

Kinda strange I guess…the ability went away after a while.

Hi Jonaquista,

When I was young, about 10-11 I had my first lucid dream without even knowing what lucid dreaming was.

After that I never had another one until I read and learned about lucidity in dreams over 10 years later.

I have also heard of quite a few people having dreams which they realised they were dreaming (LD or not) when they were very young.
My theory is that when we are young, our minds are more pure, and less filled with crap from this outside world, thus more likely to have an LD unless one has read/practised lucidness (like we do).

But then again I could be totally full of sh*t :razz:


I don’t get HI, I only get vibrations or popping sounds in my ears. Sometimes i might get a picture in my mind. You could try reading the Big WILD topics, might be some good tips there.

If you keep falling asleep try to keep your mind ocupied with something. Try counting or saying “I’m dreaming” until you fall asleep. Or you could play some music on a low volume.

Try hard to not get frustrated play it as a game. :wink:

Sites read them all like me :grin: … m-tips.htm … m#Chapter1

              Subliminal :cool_laugh:                … als-1.html

Just remember the 2P’s. Practice and Patience.
Just kep at it and you’ll get it eventually.

Just a thought but maybe you need to try another method. Try a couple of them and see what works best.

Good luck :smile:

When trying to WILD try not to worry so much about some of the symptoms of WILD like HI, SP or vibrations. You spend to much time awake waiting for something that may or may not happen for you. Everyone is different. Some people see very vivid HI ,others will get huge vibrations, and some people say they just pop into the dream. You should just focus on relaxing and letting you conscious go deeper and deeper. From what you describe it sounds like you are keeping yourself too awake. Just hang in there and keep practicing and you will get the hang of it. You should also read the big WILD thread.

Another thing that is helpful is to learn about meditation or self-hypnosis. Gives you extra advantage for WILD.

Good luck and happy dreaming

At least, part of it… :wink:

Also the second link in my signature may prove useful - more than most sites, I think.

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