Full consciousness during NREM?

A few times before, I had managed to remain conscious up to the NREM2 period. This occurred from attempting to WILD at bedtime. When I was a newbie to LDing, I thought it was possible to have a successful WILD just before bed. I realized that I kept falling asleep during the process, so one day, I decided to pay attention to my physical body rather than the Hypnagogic Imagery. After a few minutes, I began feeling violent muscle twitches all over my body, and after a few more minutes, the twitches stopped. I suddenly began to feel intense vibrations throughout my entire body, and I had the strange sensation that heat was traveling up my legs. I opened my eyes, thinking that I had entered a dream. It wasn’t a dream. Everything I looked at seemed strangely distorted, and I seemed to have a fish-eye’s view. I blacked out around that time.
Could it have been possible that these were the first two NREM periods? At first, I thought this was a normal process during a WILD attempt, until I found some information about NREM1 yesterday. It read that intense muscle twitches occur during that period. Has anyone had any similar experiences in this? :confused:

Yes, I have the same feelings during my WILD processes. The main difference from what you described is that I never have vibrations and twitches on the same attempt; it’s random :tongue: