FUNDRAISER LD4all 2022 -WE MADE IT! grateful for your support ❤️

my deepest gratitude for everyone who donated! :tada: server costs are covered now until next year :tada:

Hi everyone,

I need your help. Server costs for another year of LD4all are $814. (This is with the current supporting patrons already taken into account).

I am extremely grateful for everyone supporting LD4all and especially the patrons who have been supporting every month since the new forum launched.

I always wanted Ld4all to be ad free and hoped that I would be able to cover server costs with donations/patrons but as you see it doesn’t quite cover it. I have always paid the rest of the cost out of my own pocket because I see LD4all as a service to the world.

But server costs have risen lately and it gets too much to keep covering by myself.

Therefore I am launching the 2022 LD4all fundraiser

The goal is to raise $814 for a year of hosting.

How to support? Paypal (one time donation), or Patreon ($5 monthly)

:star: :arrow_right: Support LD4all with Patreon :arrow_left: :star:

:star: :arrow_right: Support through PayPal :arrow_left: :star:

Thank so much for everyone who helps!

As a token of gratitude you shall receive a special 2022 support badge :heart:

I’ll keep track in this topic of the amount that is raised.

November 2nd
Raised $816 of $814

(For ease of calculating 1 dollar equals 1 euro - the current exchange rate is 1 euro is 0,99 dollar)

Tysm @Siiw for your donation! :heart:

TYSM @Marvin for your donation! :heart:

Tysm kind anonymous donor for your support!

Tysm A for your donation! We are almost there!

Tysm M for your support! We made it!

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