funny but disturbing dream

I just thought people might enjoy this :smile:

I recently had a dream where I was at a mall (for an unkown reason) with my classmates and I was looking around. Suddenly, I was naked (could of had underware wasn’t shore) but then I began running around frantically looking for cloths but it just happens that the cloths never fit or you are pulled aside, in one dream I even grabed a blanket and wrappet it around me. One of the things I have noticed (in my dreams anyway) is that when I am or almost naked nobody seems to care much, lol. Or help me :smile:

Naked dreams are funny! I always enjoy having had them in the morning.

They’re supposed to mean something, I don’t remember what.

They can be very frustratgin dreams at the time but when you wake up your all relieved and i usually end up laughing out loud :smile:

I dunno but I think naked dreams ment you felt vunreble…? :shrug: Or something to that effect. Course, there are so many different dream interpritation books, I hardly know what-means-what anymore. :read: :confused:

I’ve never had a naked dream… They’re supposed to be common. They all sound really funny, though. :happy:

There’s a post about naked dreams I once made :happy: try looking for it, there’s some funny stories there.

To my recollection, I don’t believe I’ve ever had a naked dream before. Although they don’t sound fun at the time you’re dreamnig them, I would like to at least experience one once. :hmmm:

Haha, I don’t think I’ve ever had naked dreams either, but it sounds like so much fun! Really memorable… :razz: maybe I could have one when I go lucid, I’d like to run around naked in my school in my dreams and see how people would react hehehe.

DC’s are usually all stiff… I love it when DC’s break that “trend” and go all cool :slight_smile:

I’ve had dreams where everyone else is naked. I’m always like, dude, wtf?" and they’re always like, “lol, stfu n00b.”