funny idea - will it work ?

I was chatting with friends and this idea came to my mind

you know maglev trains like this one: … maglev.gif

well if you used the technology that makes them float and combined them with the game of: … hendry.jpg

then could you have a game of snookerlev

it is only an idea, but;

  1. would anybody play it?
  2. Is it theoritically possible ?
  3. How much would it cost?
  4. do you think anybody would buy it ?

tell me what you think or just post something about the idea or an idea of your own related to the matter

  1. Yes but prehahaps only beaacaus its cooool.
  2. Res but you would have to use pucks instead of balls.
    Although since there would be 0 fricyion against the surface there would be extremly difficult.
    3.Mush VERRY much.
  3. Maybie if yo refine the techonlogy so that it becomes cheaper.

I was thinking that the air that the ball or puck would fly on had at least some sides to bounce off, y’know in the same way u play pool or snooker.

Yes but cince it neds 2 have one side down allways you cant use a ball.

1. would anybody play it?

I definately would. :cool:

2. Is it theoritically possible ?

There are games like this, but it’s like table soccer, with a floating disc which levitates because there’s air pushing it up.

But, yeah, theoretically, it could be done. It would be very tough to make it, but could be done.

3. How much would it cost?

A the first ones would cost a huge lot, but prices would come down eventually. Would cost more than a regular snooker table anyway.

4. do you think anybody would buy it ?

The New Rich ™ people buy everything that’s both i inovative[/i] and i expensive[/i] (especially if it’s also i tacky[/i]). I would rather play this kind of thing in a snooker bar, but yeah! I think people could actually buy some of these to have home.

It wouldn’t have to be pucks. I think a ball would stay up just fine, because it isnt air thats holding it up- its magnetic.
“Although since there would be 0 fricyion against the surface”
There still some friction against the air.

I agree it doesn’t have to be pucks as it is magnetic but why does it matter whether there is no friction or not, if when you bounce the ball against the other balls in the air and the side of the snookerlev table then enough friction would be caused for it to eventually stop, the only problem with this is, is it could take quite a while for the ball to come to a complete stop, unless the game rules could be changed slightly so that you can still hit the ball even if it still moving.
I hope someone understands what I mean