Funny People

I found this hillarious. I’m in high school, and I’m really accepting and don’t judge, I have a lot of friends cause I am friends with anyone that isn’t an asshole. Now my best friend Paul who I’ve known since like the 6th grade was friends with this “popular” crowd. You know how it goes, the most fashionable girls, and the football team. Well they don’t like him now, get this, because they think he tries to hard and is a follower. LMAO. Isn’t everyone in high school? I just think it’s funny that the girls that spend $300 on a lil junk purse thing don’t like him cause he tries to hard and such. If they weren’t friends with everyone that tried to hard, they wouldnt have any friends. And even more, who gives a who if he tries to hard anyway? They should realize that it’s high school not 90210 drama stuff.

You labeled me
I’ll label you
So I dub thee unforgiven

High school teenagers instinct to judge and label everything is the trigger to their own downfall. :neutral:

Yeah, it seems more sad and stupid then funny :sad:. I hope he doesn’t take it personally and try to change himself. All kids are stupid, so just be there for him so he doesn’t like commit suicide :content: .

Nice use of Metallica!

how old are you? just curious

I happen to be 15 years of age, sophmore in high school. And it is sad I guess, I don’t know that it will ever change unless someone leads a revolution, high school revolution. haha. I don’t think it will happen. It could though, deffinitly could.

Yeah he won’t kill himself he’s to smart for that, but if he ever got that depressed the football team would be about 10 players short because of injuries…not from me, I’m not the fighting type, I’d rather walk backwards with one of my hands on my head up all the steps in the statue of liberty then get in a fight. My school is so bad though, teachers listen to kids make fun of other kids and torture them, and they ignore it. Theres people in my school that regularly tell people they don’t like in their classes to go kill themself and do everyone a favor.

“They should realize that it’s high school not 90210”

You sure?:)

I’m sure Jack, 90210 isn’t on tv anymore I don’t think. And weren’t those kids in college or something?

it’s funny that people are still like that when you are fifteen. damn, I didn’t see anyone get tortured or made fun of back then when I was your age (17 now…)… that was something I used to see when I was 10-11 years old.

Your teachers are stupid too. why don’t they do something!?! well, the easiest way is to beat the crap out of them.

Yes, one of my friends was like that (and still is) once she got into highschool. She started hanging out with this slutty girl (who she used to HATE in elementary school) just because she wanted to meet the popular guys. Needless to say she completly dumped her other friends, but I’m almost glad because now I have the most awesome friends, as opposed to her.

Teachers do listen to kids get taunted and teased, even have threats made, without even thinking about it. I don’t go to a great school (it’s not particularly violent) and most of the teachers don’t give a damn about us.

Hmmmmm… School was nothing like that for me. I don’t live in America though. So is it actually like in the movies then? With all the lame Jocks and with the sluts? I went to a christian school which is probably partly why it wasn’t like that. Everyone was just friends with each other. I mean you still have like the “cool” group and the geeks and stuff, but no-ones nasty to each other or anything.

Jabbervock that sounds like what its like in Australia, no one really gives a shit, occasional fun is made of people nothing bad really and it never really has been.

Theres still jocks, but the sluts don’t hang out with them really, more the yuppy chicks but still not much or a divide.

the funniest thing with the popular groups here is they only hang out with each other and go to parties with each other, it changes a bit as they get older but its pretty sad.

my highschool was pretty bad about that. It wasn’t exactly like in the movies. but pretty close. Then again the whole town i lived in was full of assholes. It got better after softmore year for me personally but thats because i gave up on the social scene. after a falling out with an old girlfreind i watch how our group of friends split and just siad fuck this fickle shit.

Oh and highschool is 90210. I know they were like in collage and what not but highschool is all about drama. its kids acting like there adults and none of them reallize it until they’ve been out for a year or so. some don’t reallize it ever which is sad. but, what do you do.

All the concelation i can offer is that highschool sucks and real life is much more fun.

lol I sure hope real life is better, I can’t wait till I get a job and I’m on my own. So I can have my own appartment and such. Away from parents. And away from all the high school kids. I hate high school kids.

Who, me? Just because I go to high school… I bring so many puzzles to fiddle with that it doesn’t really count though. :tongue:

School in Canada is mostly better than in the US (we don’t need metal detectors at the doors) but there are still fights, sluts, jocks exc. My school was built for 800 students or so, and there are 1600 in it. Nobody knows anyone by name, sometimes teachers call you by your student # not your name. Of course there are good teachers too, teachers that I’ve really learned a lot to and can talk to in the halls and stuff, the fact is to most teachers you’re just another kid in a class of 34

Everything in canada is better i think. Everyone in the US makes fun of canada after south park. But it really is better. You guys don’t run into as many problems with drugs. People aren’t so uptight i think. I’ve only been there once for 2 weeks though, so correct me if im wrong. I don’t think that sounds better really, that many kids, I have one class with 6 kids…it’s kinda a class for kids with bad ADD or something that cant pass a normal class, but thats ok. I’d rather go to school here, but I’d rather live in canada. You guys have better weed, and lots of our drugs comes from up there.

of course canada is better. They’ve got coffee shops were you can smoke. :smile: well at least they do in vancoover(sp?) (accually i know i didn’t spell that right, oh well).
and not all american schools have metal detectors at the doors. actually i’ve never seen that except for on T.V. I’m sure there are some. but i went to grade school in cincinnati and they didn’t have them there. maybe in the highschools but i don’t know.

In my opinion, teachers have no respect for pupils, and thus pupils have no respect for teachers. It’s a catch22.

My school has a new headmaster, who I throuwn upon. He has expelled 40 students since he got here, and has been promising to improve the school. Is this his solution? To expel people if they do one thing wrong? He’s also making up stupid rules that I think supress the students. Is this Russia? (no offense to anybody). Why is he trying to supress the school students.? It’s like he’s making thing better - for the teachers and worse for the students.

Senior member teachers are now shouting at us. My French teacher got irritated by it and told them not to shout at us.

I think the disipline systems is messed. For example, if you are told to go out in the freezing cold and make photocopies of some bits of paper you have to follow this “instruction”. Again, I ask, is this Russia? Get of you own lazy bottom and do it. So based on this idea, if you are told to jump of a cliff, you get a detention if you don’t do it. Which would you rather have?

I could rant on, but you get the idea. The whole system is based on suppressing students. Or that’s my opinion. Prehaps if parents knew how teachers treated students they might also throun upon schools.

Ah well… if school was job, I would have quit.

I love how teachers can basically make you do anything, often abuse their power, give hours of homework, stress you out, make you mark all their work and then have the nerve to say ‘You’re so LUCKY, these are the BEST years of you LIFE!’

And they wonder why so many students commit suicide.

For goodness sake, if Highschool is the BEST than I hate to see the worst.

catch 22 is a good band, not what you were talking about but anyway. Teachers can’t MAKE kids do anything. They encourage it cause they get payed for it. there are very few teachers anymore that actually care. Most just do what they have to so they get their paycheck. It bothers me, they go on about giving all effort and shit, but they don’t themselves. I’m not saying i’m never a hypocrit cause i am a lot, but they are adults and suppose to be role models for us, if they can’t follow their own rules, why the hell should we? Also, in my school they have this rule that we aren’t allowed to listen to headphones (walkman or whatever). No one has followed it really that much, but they just had this teacher meeting last week and are like enforcing it a lot. One teacher came up to me in the hall and told me I had to take off my headphones and put them away, and I took them off, but i asked her why? and she goes “excuse me?” “what is the reason behind that rule?” “Just put them away and don’t wear them in school” “Rules without reason need not be followed” and i walked off and put them back on. I got called down to the front office later of corse and argued with the (insert four letter words here) vice principal. They wanted to take away my headphones and mp3 player (iPod i got for christmas) I told them to take a hike, I got it for christmas and I know it was expensive and if they take, they will scratch it all up and maybe break it or lose it, and plus the rules in the student planner specifically say “headphones” doesn’t say anything about cd players, mp3 players or any player, just headphones. School’s are corrupt just like the government. The generation in control now sucks, our generation is coming forth out of control, angry, and deadset on fighting for a cause. The silent majority isn’t silent anymore.

I implore you not to listen to music within lessons. It’s horrible. Outside lessons should be fine in my opinion.

As for the rule which says headphones - I think you need to follow the rules by the spirit, not by the letter. Besides, if you connect your iPod to actual speakers instead of headphones, I think they’re quite justified to make you shut the damn thing up. :eek: :bored: