Funny quotes, situations and powers in dreams

I had a dream that a woman ventured out into the dessert. (It kinda reminded me of the commercials for tomb raider I’ve seen) She then ran into the Jumbo Shrimp (from Simpsons). After a little, a man came to save her life (Maybe Indiana Jones?)

Either way, the 20 or so foot tall Jumbo Shrimp :rofl:

I saw a music cd called “Names Mice Easy” in a dream.

The janitor from Scrubs told me a joke the other night:

“When is six bad? When five ties him up.”

Stabbing junk food was also interesting.

My favorite-ever lucid cue from a DC: I was wandering through an old house when I came upon an old lady in the attic. I started to walk up to her, and suddenly she started singing… the Tigger Song? Well, not quite.

“Oh, the wonderful thing about dreaming
is that dreaming’s a wonderful thing…”

I had to try very hard not to fall down laughing, that probably would have ruined my lucidity. :wink:

I managed to remove my socks without removing my shoes in a dream o_o; I only noticed how bizarre this was when I woke up. Plus, I was attacked by a flock of chicks (the bird, I mean).

I think this includes the first two of the above :razz:

I managed to remove my socks without removing my shoes in a dream o_o; I only noticed how bizarre this was when I woke up.


Hee! I remember one dream where I kept taking off my shoes and socks and finding more shoes and socks underneath. it took me forever to figure out why it was taking me so long to take my socks off.

A couple of nights ago I dreamt that a monkey was my father! Seriously. I hugged the monkey in my dream, and I instantly knew that he was my “real” dad lol.

:rofl: Olesiathedreamer, you had me laughing quite a lot after that post. You reminded me of something simialir.

In one of my dreams, my father came towards me and when i looked at him, this is what he was looking like:

a tall man with a formal tuxedo with a wire hanger for a head :happy:

Extract from a dream recorded 13-6-06:

Last night I had a dream I was at work scanning my dentists order at my Safeway checkstand, when all of a sudden the computer was scanning the items wrong. I remember I scanned a toothbrush he wanted to buy and it came up saying it was Diablo II… yeah… lol


that would scare the hell out of me. :eek:

Vombog sounds like FrogDog.

Man I had to read this a few times, it was really funny. :lol: :lol:

All of the dreams in this thread are soooo funny!! :cool_laugh:

Here’s a particularly funny (probably more weird) one from my DJ:

Sorry Argitoth, I woke up with those words ringing in my ears!

Ya, that’s what the paper said…and I had to read it out loud! :eek:
“You don’t want to blow Phibillbibillbody to kingdom-come!”
Heh…I was teaching a kid about magic…

All in The Archive! (Link in sig)

I was listening to some music on my ipod with a friend. The title of the song :

“Your a loser”
:eek: :lol:

Ironically, it was one of my favourite songs at the time :cool_laugh:

My brother was about to shoot this crazy kid with a T - shaped gun that shot tent stakes, when…

He pulled the trigger, and dimes and pennies flew out.

There was a weird machine in a dream of mine…

A recent one comes to mind that really made me crack up (later)…
I woke up one morning and I was leaning up in bed still very groggy and not quite with it yet. My wife looks at me and asks me what’s wrong, she could tell I was trying to tell her something. I said “Meernt-meernt’s going to be on television…”
Meernt-meernt is my mom’s cat… something about the already silly name and then the fact of dreaming that my mom’s cat was going to be on TV cracked me up (after my wife told me about it later, I needed her to me remind me that it happened). And also the fact that I was struggling to tell her this crucial bit of news.

Dream was strange - I was beet.

I know that sometime happens that people are dreaming about being opposite sex, but being a vegetable…