Funny quotes, situations and powers in dreams

Hahaha :lol: Poor card-person!

Not to mention the poor dog! :bored:

My dream happened before I knew the term lucid dreaming, it was an “accidental” LD and the first LD where I took control of the dream.
I was searching for my brother outside amd I ended up outside some public toilets and saw a boy walk out of them so I thought “good maybe he will know where my brother is”. I walked up to him and saw that he wasn’t a boy, but a living mannequin. I suddenly realised that it had to be a dream and thought that, because it was a dream I might be able to control it. So I asked the mannequin if he knew where my brother was and thought to myself “he knows where my brother is” repeatedly. The mannequin answered yes to my question and walked off without showing me.
In the morning after I woke up this seemed pretty funny :smile: .

Hey :happy: I decided to make this post seeming how odd dream humor can be. The most stupid, un-fun things seem to be hilarious in our dreams, as I have seen in mine and in some DJs.

So, post away! I will post directly from my DJ to start it:

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I had another funny situation this night :happy: This time it really was funny, at least when I woke up.

This one was quite weird…

I watched as he looked out of the door, and said to 2 embracing people “Hey, too busy, people.” At which his partner came along and said “Where?” The first man replied, “Look, does too busy, people, and 2 busy people sound anything alike to you? idiot.”

When i woke up, i thought of it, and just thought WTF?

A dog bit me in the balls. :neutral:

That happened to me too… had to kick it guess where to get it off…

I nearly killed ‘The Gods Pope’, didn’t realize the creepy guy I attacked was his guardian. :shy:

:lol: Of course the whole moogle-theory:


[color=indigo]Don’t joke about that. Those things are frikken’ impossible without a letter opener. :grrr:

Anyway, my only really funny, bizzare dream was when I was a child. I was in an impossibly large, white room. I can now compare it to that place in the Matrix with the infinate whiteness, though the movie obviously wasn’t out when I was a kid. I was actually in the corner of it with my twin brother, near a hallway and a couch that was facing the other way. We approached the hallway, which was too dark to see into, and said to each other “Let’s see what time it is.” To do this, we flip a switch on the wall next to the hallway. Instead of finding out the time, though, a cartoony white-sheet ghost comes barrelling out of the hallway at us yelling “Boo!” My brother runs, but I cower next to the back end of the couch, unable to move. The ghost looks at me innocently, and I say “please don’t hurt me.” It changes into a white wolf and growls.

It wasn’t funny at the time, but it’s hilarious to think about now.[/color]

wolfy :heart:

Sometimes things that happen in movies i’ve seen or things i’ve said have arisin in my dreams… such as this scene:

Me-Hey guys, I need a ride ho—looks at packed car–Oh. Well can I borrow someone’s cell phone?
All: Don’t have one.
Me- Well I can just go back in and check if anyone has…lights all around turn off…well if I can find a security guard…sees a bunch of cop cars leaving…well, eventually my parents will come and get me…it starts to rain

“The general population of Martin Luther is up to no good!” --engraving on a sign outside a haunted house in some HI

"It’s the real ticket! --lyric to a song I heard in some HI

"Sleep with your circus pants on. --another song lyric

In one dream, Blockbuster Video was trying to persecute my family for stealing a video cassette. We enlisted the mayor’s help, of course.

In another, there was a mathematical constant that stood for the perfect angle at which we should tilt our heads. A famous weatherman that all the ladies loved was kind enough to provide me with the exact value of the constant.

In yet another dream, the characters Marty McFly and Emmett Brown (from the Back to the Future films) were named John McFly and Frank Brown.

“God died on the roof…”

The kid-version of Michael Jackson–after his skin-change–told me this on the roof of a daycare…I still wonder what it means :uh:

Maybe your SC believes God is dead (The roof -> heaven), or that he didn’t exist (The roof -> Something upper, maybe mind or a higher state of it.)

Or maybe not. Maybe it’s crazy gibberish from dreams :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:

:uh: Interesting concept, Rod…:hmmm:

But that would mean that his subconscious is Michael Jackson. :huh:

runs away

It wasn’t a funny scene…more odd. I had found myself floating in a large room when two organisms appeared. They were shiney blobs of round mush that looked almost metalic. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but for some reason I knew they were having sex. There wasn’t any exchange of body parts or fluids to give it away i just knew somehow…
It was the kind of dream where you wake up and go “…dude, WTF…”

Thats the last time I watch .hack// before I go to bed…


…I guess, at least if he can dance good…:shrug:


This must have been one of my first Lucid Dreams. Like you might have read in one of my threads, I was trying to find Jenny (XJ9, MLAATR). Having failed many times, I decided to ask the first dream character I saw to help me. The dream started inside my house.

I walk up to my school friend and I ask, “Why can’t I find Jenny?” She looks at me and says, “Because you’re a slut.” I then I ask, “No seriously, why?” She responds, “Because you’re too much of a bitch.” I turned away in frustration.

When I woke up I was like… what the hell is this!? :cry: