Gah I almost had it!

So I tried WILD for the first time in about a month last night, on my previous attempts I would always fall asleep.

This time I really really concentrated and tried to focus on my mind rather than my body and whether I had reached SP. It worked well and before long, after around 30 minutes I began to see distorted lights of various colours fading in and out of view and for some reason I kept seeing faint images of rabbits and sometimes doors…

I pressed onwards trying my best to not to be too distracted by these occurences and soon afterwards I must have fell asleep, things were pretty blurred from here but I remember being in some sort of car park and being really confused and without any cue whatsoever I did an RC autonomously by looking at my hands (which is strange because I never really do them) and sure enough I noticed an extra finger.

At this point I became semi-lucid and was aware of my surroundings but not fully in control, I could influence my movements but it was a struggle and I ended up fighting myself as the dream was controlling me at the same time…(hope that made sense :wink: )

I found myself being forced to walk towards the back of a car, I tried to stop myself as I was eager to explore and gain better lucidity (I forgot about rubbing hands together)
As I fought against my own movements it became harder and harder to influence what happened, I found myself slowly being dragged to the floor and crawling towards the car, I managed to reach out a hand on the way down to grab at the car and I could feel the metal!
After this I hit the floor and woke up :neutral:

A good success for me but still rather disappointing. Hopefully with more practise I can get further. :smile:

Gah, I just lost! Um uh… never mind about that, that was just me losing from the topic title… I’m not an addict…

But congrats on a nearly successful WILD! Sounds like you’re doing pretty well!

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And this is WAY off topic but it says your last visit was back on November 21st but the topic was posted today… what’s up with that?

You lost? …The game!? oh god :help:

Haha cheers :smile:

And I don’t have a clue… :confused: Maybe it hasn’t noticed my login yet :tongue:

Congratulations. As you can see, sometimes a failed WILD can lead to a DILD/RCILD. Yours was extremely low lucid, albeit, but still a success :content:.

I know I’m going to get truited but, see also, meh!

Ok, back to topic, when WILDing, you need to be very patient in order to attain maximum control and vividness. Just wait a bit and enjoy the feelings, without much excitement…