Gah! I just cant do it

Semi rant/question ahead, sorry.
I have had multiple LD’s before, but recently I just cant do it.
I think the main problem lies in the fact that of the some 6’ish times ive gone lucid, only one has been when I tried. This totally kills my motivation. I’ll write in my dream journal for a few days, and when nothing happens, I just get tired of doing it. Also I’m hoping to get good at WILD soon, as I’ve been practicing meditating, and OBE’s, so I’m learning that crucial stage between awake and asleep (Mind awake, body asleep) but when I try it at night, I just fall asleep. Any advice? Any way of keeping my mind awake?

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You should try WILD in the morning. At night it can be almost impossible :tongue:

And meditation really helps! And frustration doesn’t, although it’s natural to get it :sad:
I wish you luck! LD’ing can have it’s ups and downs. :smile: For me at least, the longer I’m down the higher I go when I get up again!

I really hope this helps. I’ve spammed this link so many times.

[Stop trying to dream.)



Thank you both of you.
Wow, thanks for posting that link, I read all 14 pages, it was amazing. N00dles philosophy makes so much sense.

He said CAN’T!
Don’t say that.
That will make it even more impossible.

well if i did it ,
i know he can but if he says u cant then
sc will think u cant and will block u

good luck there

Yeah, well I know I CAN, but I meant “have not been able to”. I’ve actually had 1LD since I posted that, as a result of massive amounts of RC’ing. I now RC any time I feel a semistrong to strong emotion, and of couse, the regular RCing when something kind of unrealistic happens, or I’m in lots of pain.

You have to believe and stay disciplined. You will succeed if you do this I guarantee it. A few days isn’t a long enough time for your brain to become acclimated to your desires.