GAH! So close

So tonight i did my 19th? WILD attempt everything went as usual untill i actully felt my feet get tingley and it kept going up slowly but i opened my eyes for some stupid reason and lost it. Is this a sign that i was close?

Woah, I think you were on the bridge of astral projection. Well, I should first learn the technique of WILD before I post, anyways it sucks to be on the bridge and it gets cut away, I know how you feel. :eek: :sad: :grrr:
It’s not only close, it was you walking through the door…
really got to study before I talk.

I’ve been trying WILD everyday since I learned about Lucid dreaming, and I’ve had this, right before HI, so you might be close.

Yeah, it’s only a matter of letting the transition flow, while you’re relaxed and falling asleep. It may vary on the individual, but usually there’s this first, then random images, then the whole things becomes more organic, until you’re surrounded by a dream :content:

Good luck with your next attempts! ^^

Why are you starting out trying to WILD instead of MILD? Dr. Laberge has only reported about 3% percent of all of his lucid dreams being WILD, because they are so much harder to induce than MILD.

You can do what you want, but I’d suggest that, as a beginner, you first master MILD.