gaining lucidity strangely

Last night i slept about 6 hours so today i decided to have a long nap for dreams. Usually when i nap i wake up in between and always have multiple dreams.

So today i was having a ND and inside the dream i went to sleep and dreamt another ND, Next i woke up in the original ND realizing i just dreamt. I did not realize i was dreaming at this point.
Then i went to sleep again in that dream and became lucid inside the dream that occurred. Only because i remembered I just went to sleep(which was actually just my dream) Though i quickly lost lucidity i have never had something like this happen before…

Has something like this happened to anyone? i must say it was really trippy.

Actually its just a normal FA (False Awaking). If you have loads of FAs its a good idea to do an RC every time you wake up. Look around and consider being dreaming (and ofc not just “im awake obviously” :wink:.

When u practice that constantly FAs should get your lucid every time which is kinda cool. Sometimes you have FA marathons (just like you said u wake up again and again), the last FA marathon i had was 4 dreams and i always got lucid :smile:

Good luck recognizing it next time :cool_laugh:

It is also a Meta Dream, or MD. These can happen both in regular and lucid dreams, and can be either unintentional, intentional, or mabye even confusing. :cool_laugh:

oh man that used to happen all the time, when i was good at LDing, i would go up to 10 different dreams inside of dreams, just to see where i would end up.

Things start getting really trippy if you go any farthur than that, and it takes forever to wake up.

i was just wondering if u FA do you feel the effects of waking up IRL ? such as tiredness and being foggy minded.

Woah, that’s awesome.

So you actually lucidly made yourself fall asleep and dream in that dream, and then in that dream, and then in that dream and so on?

HOW? I want to try when I am lucid and I need some basic instruction, please.

Hey, R3tro, i havent seen you active in AGES. Gday…

Is this a good method for inducing the controversial really long LDs (like more than an hour) that some claim to have had, and some claim is impossible?

Yes indeed, this effects during FA happened to me many times.

otherwise you’d notice straight away:P
in my FA’s i fall back to sleep

pretty much just WILD in your dream, but be careful when you close your eyes that you dont wake up, that is probably the hardest part about it. And if you do acheive another dream, try doing it in that one, it takes alot of concentration, but with practice can be done.

Yeah this was one method i used to have long ones, i havent had one of those in a long time though

ive had those waking up feelings like sleepyness in a FA so intensly that i could barley get up to write my dream i was so tired

How do you notice the transition between one dream and the other? Is it the same as when you WILD in waking life or do the scenes just change?

Hello im newbie around here, but i have read about LD pretty much. Yesterday i woke up, i didnt watch the time, but then i decided to have LD. I remembered my dream and said myself that when i fall asleep again, id like to know that im dreaming, then i stayd relaxed, and i imagined a beautiful place, where id like to be in LD. I dont think that i had a lucid dreaming. Can it be real that when im thinkin about it too much then i have a dream about lucid dreaming? I just saw that im trying to move around my room and i think that comes becouse i wanted to have LD very much.
Sry for my bad english:(

:welcome: Madis

Ya. It’s normal for us lucid dreamers to have dreams about being lucid. Can be a bit difficult to sort out once you awaken. But usually, for beginers, dreaming about LD would mean that you are close. If you’re lucky, the next time you might have a real LD! If not, 2 or 3 times later.

Even for more experienced LDers, this happens once in a while.