Galactic Culture and the Coming of Cosmic Civilisation

Galactic Culture and the Coming of Cosmic Civilization: Looking Beyond 2012 - A Noosphere II Research Paper

I. The Coming of Cosmic Civilization: the Premise

“Master R. … is the Lord of Civilization and His is the task of bringing in the new civilization for which all men wait … He Himself at this time is occupied with seventh ray energy which is the order producing energy upon this planet.

“This is the Ray of ceremonial Order, and through the activity of its energy, when correctly directed and used, a right rhythm is being imposed upon all aspects of human living. All effort is being constantly made to arrest the ugly chaos of the present and to produce the ordered beauty of the future. The major weapon being used now by the combined Forces of Evil is chaos, disruption, lack of established security and consequent fear. The potency of these evil forces is exceedingly great because they belong to no one group of people and to all the ideologies. The chaos … produced by the warring and conflicting ambitious elements in every nation (without exception) - these are the factors with which Master R. is attempting to deal; the task is one of supreme difficulty. The entire rhythm of international thinking has to be altered, and that constitutes a slow and arduous task; the evil personalities … have eventually to be replaced by those who can work in cooperation with the rhythm of the seventh ray, and thus produce ordered beauty.”

Alice A. Bailey, The Seventh Ray: Revealer of the New Age, Lucis Trust, 1995, pp. 70-71. Originally published in Externalization of the Hierarchy: A Treatise on the Seven Rays, First edition 1957)

There are two perspectives one can take toward the time in which we are living and the closing of the cycle in 2012. The first is that what is occurring in the world and the Earth environment is due to historical forces of irreversible inevitability working themselves out in an increasingly dissonant crescendo, with an outcome that can only be of a highly dubious nature. This perspective breeds a certain helplessness or cynicism, apathy or impotent outrage. On the surface of it, nothing seems to change the tendencies, trends and direction of the entire apparatus of human civilization, taking the Earth with it as it goes. This view characterizes the materialist economic outlook on reality that prevails in human thinking today.

This, of course, is a great generalization, and within this perspective there are many shades of difference in attitude or degrees of despair or myopic hope. But the essential point is that there is nothing by present standards, techniques or levels of thinking that will really radically alter the way things are being done in any way. Even many people who express some idea of a higher consciousness, remain immersed in the status quo, not really understanding that there is no hope of fixing anything or making anything in the old order any better. In fact, as long as they remain in the established ways without really examining their minds or its effects upon them, they are even more helpless than they may think they are.

The second perspective fully acknowledges the conditions of disintegration, chaos, violence and degradation that mark the present era, but sees these factors not only as the inevitable consequences of a civilization in decay, but also views the collapse of the world order as a necessary prerequisite before a new cycle or civilization can commence. This essentially is a notion of cyclic regeneration. It is a supernatural or even cosmic point of view because it posits forces and energies at work in our planetary affairs of a much vaster scale than can be comprehended by our current materialist economic point of view.

Related to this regenerative perspective is the notion that what is occurring is in the nature of some divinely ordained event. Even though on the surface things seem totally hopeless, that actually all of this is being orchestrated, as it were, from above, for the fulfillment of an epic of such grandeur that the present state of consciousness could scarcely conceive it possible. It may even be that the divinely ordained regeneration is not necessarily cyclic but a step on a ladder of evolving consciousness. In other words, all that is occurring on the present world stage is in necessary fulfillment of a greater script in which the old must be cleared away in order for the new to manifest in supreme purity. From this point of view the cycle of history is in the nature of a bad fever that has to be worked out, full of nightmares and visions, but once the fever has passed, a new purified soul emerges. Such a perspective fulfills many prophecies of a coming Golden Age, a New Heaven and a New Earth, New Jerusalem or Shambhala, the mending of the Hoop of Nations, the flowering of the World Tree after a long winter of the soul.

It is only from this perspective that we could speak of the coming of Cosmic Civilization. But for such a vision to come to pass, there must be the fulfillment of some kind of divine descent - the “Second Coming,” a mass revelation and consequent awakening of consciousness, a supramental descent, a shock that lifts the horizon of the mind to a new level, hitherto inconceivable, a passage into the planetary Mind of Light - the noosphere. Then and only then, on such a basis, could a truly new, genuinely planetary civilization emerge on Earth, a civilization totally cosmic in nature. When we look at history we see that revelation or divine descent has always played a role in the advance of human thought, culture and consciousness. Considering where we are in this hour of destiny, we have even more reason to suppose such a divine descent will respond to our spiritual necessity.

The point is that it is now necessary to consider this matter, for the “closing of the cycle” is at hand. The meaning of 2012 is that the present Earth civilization cycle has run its course, and it is necessary to actively anticipate the “divine descent” as well as to envision the nature of the coming Cosmic Civilization. In this way we may be prepared. Any descent implies the action of a hierarchy of greater intelligence, a planetary logos, and it is on behalf of the fulfillment of the vision of that hierarchy that these reflections are put forth. The axiom is that at this stage of the current cycle when the aspiration of those of us on this Earth plane is clear and concentrated enough, the response from hierarchy will fully manifest.

Any such Cosmic Civilization that follows the ending of the cycle in 2012, will and must be in the nature of a regenerative redemption, the fulfillment of a promise of all those who have labored on behalf of the highest ideals for humanity - universal love, cooperation, harmony and the flowering of the highest forms of culture. As the manifestation of an entirely elevated and unified state or plane of consciousness, the noosphere, such a civilization will be entirely different than that which exists today.

We must be careful not to apply any of the standards of thinking that we may currently have about culture and civilization to that which is to come. And even more so, must we perceive the goals and purposes of the Cosmic Civilization as altogether apart and beyond those which have brought the current civilization to its ruin. We stand at the threshold of something so magnificent, that it is imperative that we dare to raise our sights to the most noble and spiritually impassioned heights, and then let that be the lowest to which we may allow ourselves henceforth to sink.

II. The Nature of Cultures and Civilization - A Higher View

Since we are living in the end time, in the time of upside down values and the despoiling of everything sacred and spiritual, it is important that we reconsider what it is that we mean by civilization and culture, two words that are often closely associated with each other. What is a civilization? What is culture? What is their relationship to each other?

Today, civilization has been fully equated with technological advance and material progress. Every other value - cultural, spiritual or environmental - is subordinated to the materialist values. And, of course, the technological and material progress is altogether associated with monetary economics. That is, when it is a question of a material economic issue and spiritual, cultural or environmental values, virtually every time, the economic issue will prevail. In the 1970s, not all the protests in the world could keep the building of Narita airport from occurring in what was considered to be an environmentally and culturally sensitive zone in Japan. Today, petitions are flourishing to keep Walmart from building a superstore at Teotihuacan, the greatest and most sacred of ancient cultural sites in Mexico. That anyone would think of allowing such a project at that site in the first place is already a sign of the degraded cultural mentality of the end times.

The fact is that culture around the world has virtually died on the vine, its main flourishing is as an appeasement to the tourist “industry” (read: giant airline companies and hotel cartels), while the monstrosity of the technosphere with its multitudinous artificial forms of electronic entertainment have long supplanted the idea of culture among the masses. And civilization itself, as a value system is now immersed in a long drawn out War against Terrorism, a war it will never win. If civilization means something ennobling that uplifts the human, then the terrorists have already won. By subjecting everyone to criminal treatment as they pass through the world airports on their way to this “tourist mecca” or that, human dignity, the basis of civilized values, has already been sacrificed on the altar of “security.”

In the meantime, the noise of freeways, even in the countryside, the sound pollution everywhere in the cites, the dirt, filth and ugliness of throwaway culture have virtually destroyed the quality of life. This loss, which everybody lives with day in and day out, thereby steadily diminishing their sensitivity, is complemented by the fact that industrialization has already exceeded itself, and the terrestrial response to global warming is about to alter the coast lines and climate of civilization forever. Geologically speaking, we are talking about dramatic changes occurring in the immediate future - before 2012.

So anything we envision about the future Cosmic Civilization must and can only be the transcendent antithesis of that which now prevails. In some ways it appears that we must start over again, were it not for an already well developed plan that will become evident once the worst has reached its dramatic peak. But to help us reorient to the highest good, the best possible regeneration of our most sacred perceptions and values, let us consider again: What is culture? What is civilization?

Culture, we may suppose, precedes and is the basis of civilization. When we speak of culture in this context we are referring to an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behavior that depends upon the human capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations. As such, an even more basic biological definition of culture holds that it is the cultivation of living material (humans) in a prepared nutrient media.

It is the “nutrient” media, that really determines the quality of the culture. For human consciousness, the nutrient media would be the spiritual beliefs and mental structures that encode a particular belief system. The more pure the spiritual beliefs and the more elevated the mental disposition and its structures of perception, the more the term culture then approximates an enlightenment and excellence of taste acquired by spiritual, intellectual and aesthetic training. Hence, culture then becomes the act of developing the spiritual, moral, intellectual and aesthetic faculties through systems of education congruent with the media of cultivation.

“Man and the treasures inside him represent one of the highest secrets of creation.”El-Yacoubi, Whatever Your Lord Is You Are His,” p. 116.

According to the precepts of Nicholas Roerich, the essence of true human culture is light. This light is the light of innate spiritual awareness which illumines the pathways of all human endeavor constituting what we call culture. When this perception is at the center of human affairs, then culture becomes the standard of a living peace, which is why Roerich declared. “Where there is peace there is culture, where there is culture there is peace.” It is clearly this perception of culture that must be the nucleus of the coming Cosmic Civilization.

The notion of culture as the cultivation of the light that is innate in each being corresponds to the highest spiritual teachings, for instance, of Islam and Buddhism. In the Quran it is clearly stated that every human being is imprinted - before creation - with the remembrance of the one God (7:172), while a fundamental doctrine of Mahayana Buddhism is that everyone is born with the potential for enlightenment, bodhicitta. Though all are innately disposed to the realization of that Godhead enlightenment potential within, it must be cultivated to be fully realized or awakened.

Clearly it is the quality of the culture that determines the quality of the civilization, and it is the quality of the education of the individual that determines the quality of the culture. The true core of genuine education of the individual is through imparting the value of self-cultivation. What is self-cultivation? It begins with the individual being trained from an early age to have a perception of him/herself in relation to a divine higher order of reality and to transfer this perception to the relations with his/her surrounding environment.

Such a basis for self-cultivation should include instilling in the child, from age seven, the responsibility that it has for its own mind, consciousness and care of the physical body, including an ethics of self-respect, self-cleanliness, and care for the cleanliness and aesthetic quality of the environment. Probably the most fundamental point to be taught to the child at this stage for elevating its own self-cultivation is the law of karma, of cause and effect, that what you reap is what you sow. If this is explained to the child in terms of its being a cosmic law and not just a fear-based reward or punishment precept, it will be all the better.

The point is that culture begins with the individual and then extends to the family/social group. This forms the nucleus of what eventually becomes the civilization. What constitutes a civilization? Obviously a cultural nucleus is at the core of any civilization. The type and quality of the culture will determine the kind and nature of the civilization. Of course, today, we are highly biased in our perception of what a civilization might be by the quality and nature of the global civilization. Given the effects of this civilization on the planet, its war on terrorism after two World Wars, and two centuries of global imperialist and industrial expansion prior to that, what kind of cultural core could we presume this civilization to have? Indeed, how do we define a civilization in relation to its cultural core?

The strictly historical definition of civilization is that it is the stage of cultural development at which writing and the keeping of written records is attained. That is a very interesting definition. In the deepest sense, writing as a perceptual medium affects the brain in a way that accentuates the need for abstract conceptualization that is different from the unmediated input of the sense organs. It is this tendency toward abstraction that characterizes civilization and the notion of historical civilization as it has developed in the past five to six thousand years. The idea that a civilization is also distinguished by a cultural need for record keeping, or that writing would be utilized for record keeping, also qualifies civilization, by this definition, as a history making factor, for what is record keeping but the basis of the construct of consciousness known as history? If history is a concept dependent upon the art of writing, does history exist as a concept for people who don’t have writing? What then does it mean to say “post historical?” Is it possible to conceive of civilizations defined by other than writing or record keeping? Is the history-making standard perhaps a primitive definition of civilization?

In any case, within a cultural horizon that has “advanced” to writing there is still a cultural core. That is why traditional Chinese civilization, for example is different in quality from Indo-Aryan civilization or from Greco-Roman civilization. Indeed, by the written standard of defining civilization, there have been but a few such phenomena during the “historical cycle”: The Mesopotamian (cuneiform writing), the Egyptian (hieroglyphic), the Indian-aryan (pictographic-alphabetic), Chinese (pictographic-ideogrammatic); the Greco Roman (alphabetic); the Mesoamerican (hieroglyphic) - but when we get to the Andean civilization of South America, we find that there appears not to have been a written tradition, apart form a tight system of symbols and the quipu - knotted strings - yet we accord full civilizational status to the great civilization of South America.

Another more generalized definition is in order. Civilization is any relatively high level of cultural and technological development. By this standard as well, civilized, the quality of living in a civilization, has tended to mean a refinement of thought, manners and taste. By this definition, “civilized” people have separated themselves from “barbarians,” traditionally those living outside of the defined limits - geographical and cultural - of a civilization. On the other hand, the historical cycle is also characterized by the “rise and fall” of civilizations, and this is often cited as being due to a general tendency toward cultural degeneration and the rise of barbarians from within. These cycles have prompted cultural renewers and religious reformers and, indeed, the rise of whole new civilizations - such as the Islamic rising over the Persian and earlier Mesopotamian, or the European rising over the older Greco-Roman.

While the current Global civilization is European (“Western”) at its root, when we examine its cultural core, in relation to the actual culture that it is manifesting, we find a vast discrepancy. From the inception of European civilization at the fall of the Roman Empire in the fifth century after Christ, until the eighteenth century, we could properly call the European the Christian civilization, for at its core was a culture built around the values espoused by the Christian Church. However, after the rise of industrialization in the eighteenth century and the expansion of European civilization into a network of global empires - the British, the Spanish, the French, the German, etc., the cultural core began to recede in its effect, and a new outer popular culture arose shaped much more by the new electronic and mass media than by the Church or Christian ethic.

Following World War II, this Christian-based Global civilization had transformed into something hitherto unprecedented, an artificial planetary shell - the Technosphere. It is the Technosphere that qualifies the present civilization as truly global. But it is a civilization in which the technological factors are the predominating ones in determining the nature and course of the civilization. The shaping factors of this new artificial structure, which in many ways transcends the old definitions of civilization, are the World Market and the electronic technology. The real culture of this vast hybrid artificial civilization are the forces behind popular television and electronic music - rock n roll to hip hop - which have even affected all remaining traditional cultural forms. Witness the underground DVD, “One Giant Leap,” which is probably the best synthesis of global technospheric culture that has yet emerged.

But culture as an elevating norm, as a genuine vehicle of the innate light within each being is scattered and hard to find, much less the notion of civilization as a refinement of thought manners or taste. Incessant warfare, terrorism and the disappearance of positive social goals has produced a culturally and spiritually deadened world order. But then, this is precisely the condition one would anticipate if it is the “end of the cycle.”

At the same time, in the midst of the global electronic potpourri there is a spiritual smorgasbord that contains in it the seeds of the universality spirituality and the ultimate liberation of all the true teachings from their dogmatic encasements in traditional forms. As for the imminent noosphere, the intermediate electronic cybersphere - the information and intelligence feedback system of the Internet - provides the analogue to universal telepathy by allowing people anywhere of any culture or geographical region of the globe to be hooked up and in communication with each other. In this regard, the Technosphere is serving its evolutionary role in preparing for the advent of Cosmic Civilization.

In considering the coming of Cosmic Civilization we must come to a definition of civilization that is not based on the historical standard. It is known that the biosphere of Earth establishes the unity of life and its support systems in which the sum of all life is one. As V.I. Vernadsky has stated, the biosphere is that region on Earth for the transformation of cosmic energies. The biosphere does not make any conditioned cultural or political distinctions regarding its cycles of transformation of energy. If the noosphere is the next stage of the evolution of the biosphere, then as the mental sphere of the Earth and as the infrastructure of the coming civilization, we could say that it is that “region” of the Earth for the transformation of cosmic thought forms on a universal and nonsectarian basis.

As the mental sheathe of the planet, the noosphere characterizes mind and consciousness as a unitary phenomenon whose sum is One. In this lies a clue toward a definition of the future civilization on Earth, a civilization which would be distinguished by a realization that just as life is One, so Mind is also One, and that, therefore, political distinctions of nation states are superfluous. At the same time, a bioregional cultural diversity, like biodiversity, would be recognized as necessary to enhance the quality of the sum of life and consciousness as a unitary phenomenon. In the supremely egalitarian culture of the noosphere, which at the same time would recognize the existence of a hierarchy based on degrees of spiritual attainment and self-cultivation, there would be no question of the fact that the evolution of the planet and humankind had attained the supermental stage of Cosmic Civilization.

But before we reach this stage we must understand what must occur, the steps that must be taken in order to realize the New Mind that predicates the advent of Cosmic Civilization on Earth.

III. Galactic Culture and the Law of Time as Supramental Dispensation

“In truth one must take into account that each human being participates in the cosmos and is unalterably bound to it.” (Trigueirinho, Calling Humanity, 2002)

It is evident that the technosphere, the actuality of the global civilization, scarcely has a living cultural core, but rather an artificial virtual reality electronic multisensory nexus of mostly lower sensory appeals to the debased imagination of the hybrid “planetary human.” This is the human pulled up from a vital culture living at the mercy of industrial life and technospheric marketing schemes. This is the human, whether Muslim or Indigenous Mayan, Chinese or Croatian, who frequents an Internet cafe, wears blue jeans, Adidas or some generic version thereof, and tee-shirts. Next time you see a picture of Iraqi “Insurgents” take a look at how they are dressed. The global market has made homo sapiens at long last one cultural hybrid, at least in media habits and outer appearance. But for there to be a Cosmic Civilization there must be a new living cultural core, not just the effects of global marketing, but one based in a profoundly new way of thinking or perceiving the world. Such a cultural core must be lived and practiced universally by humans of any present cultural background. What might this be and how will it come about?

First of all it is necessary to refer to our original thesis: The present global crisis is being “guided” or “observed” by a divine hierarchical intelligence operating interdimensionally and perhaps also extraterrestrially. As awful as they may be, current events are both the consequence of historical karmic effects and at the same time they are being orchestrated, as it were, for purposes of a divine or supramental descent. This intervention is needed because, by its current operating standards and steadily lowering state of consciousness, humanity could never otherwise get out of its irrevocable slide into total global catastrophe.

Such a supramental descent would give a genuinely fresh and cosmically objective analysis and perspective on the present global crisis derived from a higher dimensional view but adopted to the language and needs of contemporary Earth civilization. Such precisely is the nature and purpose of the Law of Time, a well-timed discovery based on ancient Mayan knowledge and prophecy. For it is the Law of Time that put its finger on the core nature of the technosphere: An artificial timing system out of synch with the natural timing frequency of the rest of the universal order.

That is, the final stage of human civilization functions as an utterly unique singularity in that the timing standards in which all of its operations and institutions are embedded are artificial, irregular and mechanistic, thus creating a civilizational effect that is equally artificial, irregular and mechanistic. None of the rest of the natural order operates by such standards, but rather by instinctual and intuitive resonance with the natural timing cycles of the universe.

A philosopher and historian like Lewis Mumford had approached this analysis with such studies as the Myth of the Machine, but the Law of Time goes one step further: It identifies the machine frequency as a precisely stated mathematical ratio, 12:60 - irregular twelve-month calendar combined with mechanistic 60 minute hour - which creates an unconscious timing frequency (AD 1600 and after) that has accelerated the human into a world dominated by the machine, of which he is essentially little more than the caretaker.

Because of the psychosocial effects of adapting to this artificial timing frequency, the human is spinning out of control as a population bomb, a nuclear menace, and an environmental hazard to himself and to the rest of the Earth. The result of this adaptation to the 12:60 frequency, first on the part of European and its North American colonies, and within less than two hundred years, by the rest world, was the global apparatus of the technosphere.

This stunningly simple analysis of the nature of the artificial timing frequency, its effect on human consciousness and the resultant technological civilization could not have been made if investigations into the mathematics of the Mayan calendar had not been pursued so thoroughly and wholeheartedly. But it cannot be supposed such a revelation would come merely through intellectual pursuit. For that would be like rubbing two sticks together and expecting a light to turn on as a result. Such a teaching as the “Discovery of the Law of Time” has always existed, but it can only manifest for the moment of its necessity, and in a form appropriate to its time of manifestation. This is because the Law of Time itself has always been in operation, maintaining the universe in a condition of perfect synchronization. But to know that this Law exists as a supreme principle of harmonic resonance and telepathic activation requires that mental evolution be at a certain condition or state of consciousness. Then it may enter the consciousness as a supramental descent, illumining factors hitherto dormant in the dark ignorance of the conditioned mind.

Nor should it be thought the Law of Time is solely a means of analysis and critical discrimination. Rather, it represents a whole teaching appropriate to the next stage of consciousness which is beyond the capacity of the level into which it has descended to comprehend. For the issue of the evolution of consciousness and its advance is always: How do we attain to a stage beyond what our present stage can comprehend? When the aspiration and need is correct, then hierarchy can adopt the supramental teaching and release it accordingly. Nor can its release occur to any but the vessel prepared to receive it.

On July 26, 1987, at St. John’s College, Santa Fe, a large public presentation was made announcing the coming of Galactic Culture on Earth. This was in reference to the forthcoming “Harmonic Convergence” August 16-17, 1987, and the Mayan prophecies of 2012 and the Closing of the Cycle. Galactic Culture, it was declared, would replace the civilization of historical materialism that had dominated Earth for some 5000 years. Before the moment of its announcement, no thought of such announcement had been present. It occurred spontaneously. The thought-form “Galactic Culture” had been released on Earth.

The Galactic Culture is the prerequisite new cultural form to provide the living nucleus for the coming Cosmic Civilization. What is Galactic Culture? It is the universal cultural form made possible by the discovery of the Law of Time. Based on the intrinsic mathematical codes of the universal timing frequency - base ratio 13:20 - Galactic Culture is the discovery of these universal mathematical principles within the structure of the human organism and its functioning within the planetary whole as a single unitary being. Galactic Culture assumes that intelligence coordinated by the universal frequency of synchronization can be placed in a condition of mental or psychic resonance with the entirety of the galactic whole of which it is an operating unit.

For this possibility to manifest, there are two requirements: A full manifestation of the Law of Time as a uniform teaching on galactic wholeness; and a proper spiritual preparation that is based on an advanced technology of mental “hygiene” and self-experimentation that is in accord with a comprehensive vision of the evolution of time as consciousness, as supervised by higher orders of intelligence, and in submission to a unique and all supreme Guiding Principle (God).

Fortunately both prerequisites can now be satisfied. Since July 26, 1987, the Law of Time was progressively revealed as well as the corresponding codes of the synchronic order, the fourth dimensional nature of reality which actually governs the third dimension phenomenal world. The mental technology has already been cultivated in various schools of thought and spiritual traditions, namely, Dzog Chen, Zen, Raj Yoga, and Sufi Prayer (Dhikr) to name the most notable. It should be understood that, like the Law of Time, all higher mental teachings have always existed, because the mind has always existed as a means or medium for the cultivation of higher consciousness. The point now is to release these teachings from their limited historical contexts and coalesce the essence of these mind teachings into a galactic universal code of higher mental absorption so that Galactic Culture can emerge on Earth.

IV. Galactic Culture and the Coming of Cosmic Civilization

Cosmic Civilization can be seen as the result of awakened mind. Awakened mind can only be the fruit of the cultivation of mindfulness, the clear light meditation of recognizing your authentic self inseparable from the presence of self-abiding awareness. This unconditional self-awareness constitutes the nature of the Godhead and its realization. Leave behind the toys of material manipulation which only serve to deceive you from the goal. All beauty is elegance of spirit. All intelligence is fearlessness of manifesting your true face as the fruit of cosmic presence.

Holding to the spiritual essence, while accepting the release of the limiting forms of tradition, embracing in their stead the new universal forms and structures of Galactic Culture is a fundamental premise of the teaching of the Law of Time. This teaching is responsible for the entirety of the Cosmic History Chronicles, the Reformulation of the Human Mind. As a complete description of the unfolding of the next plane of consciousness, the Cosmic History Chronicles establish the appropriate context for the flourishing of the universal form structures of Galactic Culture, encoded as the laws and principles of the synchronic order.

As a description of time as the fourth dimension, the most essential and universal form-structures of the synchronic order are: Human Holon, Planet Holon, Galactic Fifth Force Oracle, Wavespell, Harmonic Module, 28-day template, and Galactic-Karmic Solar-Prophetic interplanetary Flows- Interplanetary Holon. These seven form elements constitute a highly evolved framework, a structural language that speaks beyond any cultural restraints or limitations. It is the perfect universal form language of natural time and, therefore, the perfect means for unifying the planetary human according to a new formulation, the mind of the noosphere. Following is a brief overview of this new form language of time:

1. Human Holon. Universal Fourth Dimensional Structure of Human Body.

a) 20 fingers and toes. We are all born with these. Coded by 20 solar seals, each set of five fingers or toes represents the five “Earth families.” Everyone belongs to one of these Earth families by birth. 
b) 13 Main articulations. 2 ankles, 2, knees, 2 hips, 2 wrists, 2 elbows, 2 shoulders, 1 neck/spine. We are born with this structure. These correspond to the 13 unit wavespell code of time. 
c) 5 main Psychophysical centers. Everybody has these: Root chakra (sexuality) solar plexus (intuition), heart (emotional thinking center), throat (speech/communication), and crown (brain/higher mind). These also correspond to five Earth families.

2. Planet Holon. It’s all one planet and we live on it. 20-unit, quasi-icosahedral fourth dimensional structure of planet mind (noosphere). Corresponds to five Earth Families: Gateway family South polar region; Polar Family, North polar region; Cardinal Family, North temperate region; Core Family, Equatorial/tropics; and Signal Family, South temperate region. Provides base for identifying Human Holon with Planet Holon, necessary for cultivation of New Mind of the noosphere. Contains many other form elements including Chromatics and Color Families.

  1. Galactic Fifth Force Oracle. Five part structure which establishes mathematically coded relationships of each Kin (a day or a human by birth code), hence is a map of the primary multidimensional nexus of galactic order which can be embodied by anyone. Also establishes NET time - four daily watches: Analog, first watch, midnight-dawn; Guide, second watch, dawn-noon. Antipode third watch, noon-sunset; and Occult fourth watch, sunset-midnight.

  1. Wavespell. Thirteen unit form constant of fourth-dimensional Time which establishes a self-replicating cosmology applied to 13 days (base fourth-dimensional time sequence), 13 weeks (one annual quarter), 13 Moons (solar year), 13-year galactic seasonal cycles, etc. We all live in time. This Wavespell is the standard universal galactic form structure for experiencing time in its cosmological wholeness. The Wavespell also possesses its own internal structure, the geometry of pulsars. {graphic}

  1. Harmonic Module. The 13 x 20 = 260-unit fourth-dimensional 13:20 timing frequency matrix, gauge and index of infinite potentials of synchronic order relations, source of the fourth-dimensional 260-day cycle, or Tzolkin. The Harmonic Module is to fourth- dimensional synchronic time what the periodic table of elements is to third-dimensional chemistry and physics - and then some.

  1. 28-day Template (Moon). Basis of universal regularization of annual human timing program. Thirteen 28-day moons + 1 day out of time = 365 days, annual orbit of Earth around the sun. Everyone experiences this annual rotation. The Thirteen moons are a function of the Wavespell, hence recapitulate the cosmology of time. The 28-day, four week cycle is perpetual and harmonizes the human consciousness with time and life. The 28-day matrix meshes perfectly with the 260-unit fourth dimensional cycle (see Harmonic Module) to create large 52 year solar-galactic cycles, thus assuring the manifestation of cosmic consciousness. Since a year is really an orbit around the sun, the 52-year cycle is actually 52 orbits, the measure of a noospheric “year.”

  1. Galactic-Karmic Solar-Prophetic flows and their Circuits - Interplanetary Holon. Our Earth is a part of the solar system or, more properly, the heliosphere or heliocosm. This heliosphere “breathes.” It has an inflow and an outflow. The total heliosphere consists of the sun and ten planetary orbits, including the orbit of the asteroid belt (destroyed planet Maldek). This means each orbit registers an inflow and an outflow. There are 10 inflow points and 10 outflow points where the solar “breath” crosses the orbital paths. This accounts for the Galactic-Karmic (10 orbital points of contact) and Solar-Prophetic (10 orbital points of contact) flows coded by the same 20 solar seals that code the Human Holon and Planet Holon, hence Interplanetary Holon.

These are the base universal structures of the synchronic order of the Law of Time which provide the structural foundation of Galactic Culture on Earth. By reformulating the human sense of time, replacing the clock and the irregular calendar with the fourth-dimensional form-language as its timing program, the human mind is equally reformulated. The universal form structures which constitute the synchronic order are predicated upon and, hence, predispose the mind to experience the intrinsic harmony of universal order. This means that Time is Art, and the Law of Time is formulated as T(E) = Art, energy factored by time equals art.

Just as time is the factor of universal synchronization creating the synchronic order where the synchronicity of all events is the actuality of the cosmic experience, so the Mind that experiences this is One. This leads to the second formulation of the Law of Time, which is stated thus: the velocity of time is instantaneously infinite. This means, in actuality, that for any given moment it is instantaneously the same moment throughout all of the universe. Time is faster than the speed of light. So is telepathy. This means that time is the medium of telepathy, and that as the universal field of synchronization, time is continuously informing the mind. In other words, the cosmically synchronic nature of the information mind is capable of receiving at any given moment increases in direct proportion to mind’s clarity.

Since the teaching of the Law of Time is a whole system teaching, these structures of Galactic Culture are understood to flourish as the medium both for the expression and communication of enlightened mind. But the structures do not necessarily enlighten the mind. The mind has to undergo its own spiritual self-cultivation. It is necessary to understand that at this time of the hybrid planetary human it is most essential that a universal mind teaching be articulated and applied so that the self-cultivation of the mind as a spiritual discipline can proceed hand in hand with the purification of the soul in making the human ready for the advent of the noosphere, the New Mind, and the coming of Cosmic Civilization.

Traditionally all spiritual paths are to some degree or another in one of three categories: A path of renunciation, a path of transformation, or a path self-liberation. Anyone wishing to take advantage of the opportunity of utilizing the transformational templates of Galactic Culture has to realize that they are the practices for the reformulation of the mind that must be accompanied by the study and self-cultivation of one’s mind, clearing it of the clutter and debris of the old way of viewing reality. To the degree that this is understood and felt to be absolutely true, to that degree will we embrace a new universal path of spiritual mindfulness that includes elements of renunciation, a practical path of transformation, and is crowned by methods of self-liberation and realization of the Godhead within.

What must be renounced is participation in the mind and life-style of the artificial world. This can be done step by step or radically, but the quicker it can be done the better, for the old order is on its way out anyway. Turn off your television, or at least discipline your use of it. Don’t buy magazines. Stop going to movies - or again, develop a discipline about it. Give up consumerism. Plant a garden, plant trees. Learn about alternative energy technologies. Above all examine your mind and begin to understand in how many ways you have been mentally contributing to sustaining a world-view of suffering, desire, attachment, aggression and materialism. The best method is that of immediately taking up the practice of mindfulness and prayer. Submit to the absolute, to God, to the Higher Power. Recognize and give up your inner struggle, your self-created dichotomies, and conflicts.

As for the path of transformation, take the attitude of letting nothing stand in the way of your self-cultivation and self-realization. Then you will begin to see adversity, obstruction, and obstacles as well as opportunities as means of inner transformation. Develop the attitude of inviting the Higher Power to descend into your path. Recognize the signs and synchronicities in your everyday life as the signs that you are meant to read in order to know what action to take next. Everyday actions themselves are seen as dream-events created for your enlightened self to perform. Do nothing for self gain. Act as if everything were being performed for the benefit and salvation of all beings. In your mindfulness practice, neither reject as good or bad whatever thoughts arise, simply let them go. Ask instead who is creating these thoughts? This will also place you on the path of transformation.

As for the path of self-liberation, time is of the essence. We want to be ready for the Big Event, the Closing of the Cycle, December 21, 2012 (Rhythmic Moon 9, 7 Storm year of the Thirteen Moon calendar). We need very clear minds and very pure souls to take advantage of the opportunity. Only clear minds and pure souls are spiritually strong enough to survive the Road to 2012. That is why we must earnestly take hold of the most direct means to self-liberation. We must seek for a direct introduction to our own true self, our own authentic being which, in a profound way is already liberated. And we must learn to practice wholeheartedly the discipline of mindfulness, seeing into our own self-nature, recognizing it not only in meditation but in everyday life. Purification of the soul depends on the genuineness and integrity of the commitment we make to see our minds with clarity. Then we will be able to see things clearly, know what is and be decisive. Herein lies the basis of spiritual power.

The more we develop such a clear light mind, remembering the Light of the Original Source through our own submission to the Higher Power, the better we will be able to activate the codes and templates of the synchronic order, the foundation of the reformulation of the human mind. Then we will truly become a living Galactic Culture. We will be fully prepared for the divine descent of the supramental, the mantle of noospheric consciousness, the awakened mind of the higher Earth plane of reality. When it comes, there will be a great buzz, the result of the fusion of mind. We will be One, never the same again.

V. The Nature and Purpose of the Coming Cosmic Civilization

The social structures mandated by the Law of Time are telepathic structures of knowing as well. The integration of biological living patterns in the correct timing frequency with the pursuit of the creation of mental structures of prolonged duration will endow the species with a collective telepathic awareness presently unknown.Dynamics of Time, Postulate 1.11

We recognize that evolution is mental-spiritual in nature because the cosmos is fundamentally an event of evolving consciousness. The cosmos of our present-day cosmologists is but a thin horizontal slice across the third dimensional plane of reality. Inexhaustible reaches of an infinite universe yield galactic cluster after galactic cluster. Hundreds of millions of galaxies. Billions and billions of stars and star systems. Every conceivable kind of world system supporting every conceivable kind of life form. And yet this is only the dazzling display of the third-dimensional order. How much grander is the perspective of the higher dimension of which the third-dimensional plane is merely the foundation, the platform, the basis for the evolution and the expression of the higher states of consciousness? And all of this fantastic display is the purposeful manifestation of the Mind of an omniscient and omnipresent Intelligence so vast and supreme as to be virtually inconceivable.

If we view the visible universe as a divinely inspired construct of our own limited consciousness, how much more infinitely powerful and splendid must be the multidimensional universe of the less limited consciousness, the consciousness of the supermind, or the supramental consciousness evolved beyond mind? When we consider the intelligence that animates this consciousness that ascends and evolves in ever vaster planes of cosmic order, what can we imagine or conceive that such a civilization of this order might be like?

The Galactic Culture that we have described is but the most minute point of inception of an order of reality that is so extensive and supermental in nature that it would appear from our vantage point today to be the dwelling place and construct of the gods. Indeed, those of ancient myths who often appear as gods may in reality be the anthropomorphized perceptions of such “visitors” from Cosmic Civilization. Given the immensity of the universe we can imagine that each galaxy or galaxy cluster is but a single “entity” constituting the entire order of Cosmic Civilization. What then can we say of the part to be played by our little planet in its solitary star system in the far flung Orion Arm of our local galaxy?

For us to even entertain the notion of Cosmic Civilization on Earth, much less the nature of a universal Cosmic Civilization that is liberated of all the petty concerns that drag us down today we must clear our mind. In fact only a clear light mind can even begin to comprehend the real nature of Cosmic Civilization. Such a civilization will first and foremost be one in which the highest attainment of enlightened mind conceivable to us will be but the foundation for socio-communicative constructs of a parapsychological and telepathic nature beyond conception. Yet once we arrive at the noospheric mind - the Earth plane of unified consciousness - then Cosmic Civilization will become an attainable reality.

The purest teaching on the direct perception of the nature of mind is probably the Dzog Chen school. Though we can say that it is a feature of Tibetan Buddhism that is too limiting. This teaching merely found a place within the system of Tibetan Buddhism - and even in the shamanic Bon religion which preceded Buddhism - in which it could flourish. “We find, for example, in one of the tantras of Zogqen (Dzog Chen), it is said that the Zogqen teaching is found in thirteen different solar systems. How then can we possibly think that Zogqen originated in a given country and is the result of happenings in that particular location?” (Namkhai Norbu, Dzog Chen and Zen, p.17.) From such a consideration it follows that, “There exist many, many ways for realized beings to manifest themselves and for the teaching to arise.” (Ibid., 18)

These two statements point to the fact that Dzog Chen as a mind teaching is a feature of a self-existing Cosmic Civilization - accounting for its existence on thirteen solar systems - and that as a higher mind teaching its transmission is not bound in the least by the laws of causality that govern mere third dimensional processes of transmission. This description of transmission explains, for instance, the manifestation of the Law of Time as a supramental descent that is connected with Pacal Votan who lived thirteen hundred years ago.

To illustrate further the notion that transmission of mind may take many different forms, let us consider a passage from the greatest of the Mahayana Buddhist Sutras, the Avatamsaka or Flower Ornament Scripture,

All buddhas … are able to do buddha-work for the benefit of sentient beings - whether looking, examining, moving, stretching, walking or standing still, sitting or reclining, silent or speaking, whether manifesting occult powers, or explaining principles … All buddhas may do buddha-work while dwelling in forest retreats, or in quiet places, or in desolate places, or in buddha’s dwelling places; or they may do buddha-work while in trance, or while alone in a grove, or while concealing themselves from view, or while abiding in knowledge of the ultimate profundity, or while dwelling in the incomparable realm of the buddhas, or they may do buddha-work while carrying on imperceptible physical actions, adapting to sentient beings’ mentalities … or they may do buddha work seeking omniscience in the form of water spirits, goblins, cherubim, titans, birds, serpents humans subhumans and so on …(Volume II, pp. 234-235)

The Flower Ornament Sutra is filled with countless examples of nonlocal consciousness as a normal faculty of all of the cosmic buddhas. Being in not only two different places but in different dimensions at once is accountable by the teaching of the Law of Time regarding the universality of mind, synchronicity and the telepathic nature of time itself. As for the nature of Cosmic Civilization, the hyperdimensionally enlightened mind of the cosmic buddhas also provides descriptions which we may take as metaphors of the supersensory nature of the Cosmic Civilization:

Within that ocean of worlds was a central world-system called Array of Markers of Doors Facing All Directions, in which there was a world called ubiquitous light the Color of All jewels. The borders of that world were arrayed with jewels reflecting images of the enlightenment sites of all buddhas; it rested on an ocean of flowers made of all kinds of jewels, it was composed of jewels showing the appearances of the emanations of all buddhas; it was shaped like a celestial palace, and it was pure with an admixture of defilement. Furthermore, in that world there are as many world regions with four continents as atoms in the polar mountain; at the center was a set of four continents called Mountain Peak of All jewels, whose four continents were innumerable hundreds of thousands of leagues in extent. On each continent were ten thousand great cities. In the middle of the Southern Continent was a great metropolis called Light of Myriad Arrays of Jewel Trees, surrounded by ten thousand cities. On that continent furthermore, the life span of the people was ten thousand years. The king of that metropolis was named Encompassing Sound of the Proclamation of All Laws, a sovereign ruler. … The whole continent was under the protection of that king and he had no enemies or opponents.” Ibid., Volume III, p. 230

Though the language and imagery are medieval, the vastness and scope of the description gives us a glimpse of the clarity and vastness of mind characterizing Cosmic Civilization.

Such visions of a Cosmic Civilization on Earth we find echoed in the memory of Tollan of ancient Mexico. Place of cosmic origin, its mythic splendor was recapitulated in an Earthly Tollan, ruled by the great prophet Quetzalcoatl, for but a brief cycle of time. So it is written, Tollan was the capital of the empire of empires. Seldom if ever, rivaled in the world.

Tollan was the heart of all that had ever been good and pure. In this ancient land it was the essence of grandeur, the apex of prosperity. Tollan was pure spirit manifested in works of stone and feather, gold and jade. it was a world of religious splendor and godly fulfillment. A sample of what man could do with peace.Tony Shearer Lord of the Dawn, pp. 106-07.

The vision of the coming Cosmic Civilization on Earth is the vision of Tollan of the Starborn Elders. Those are the ancient Ones whose life is in the future of a past we forgot to live. But the purpose of a divine descent, the nature of which is the noosphere itself, is to give humankind the opportunity to start anew. It is the Second Creation that brings about the Cosmic Civilization on Earth. Like the previous Earthly Tollan and the enlightened world systems of the buddhas, the future Tollan of the Starborn Elders will be a civilization of Peace. For the mind that knows itself, can only know peace, for peace is the quality of the all-abiding awareness which permeates all the universe and world systems in indestructible simplicity. It is the all-abiding awareness which is the basis of the One mind that will be the Foundation of the Cosmic Civilization on Earth. It is this mind that will be able to construct with the templates of the Law of Time a Galactic Culture of the synchronic order which will be as harmoniously splendid as it is telepathically interwoven with the interdimensional reality of cosmic consciousness. And through this Galactic Culture, the noosphere of Earth will expand into its place in the great and ever-evolving Cosmic Civilization.

The Cosmic Civilization will mean a total renewal of the Earth through telepathic magnetic resonant field mind technologies. If history was the era dominated by literacy, in the noosphere of the Cosmic Civilization, a post-literate hypersensory consciousness will arise. We will discover that nature is not democratic. It is cosmocratic. The ruling order comes not from fiats imposed by kings or elected officials, but through the very nature of cosmic organization itself. This will be intuitively understood and telepathically communicated. A genuine hierarchy will be perceived as already existing throughout the universe, that of the hierarchy of ascending orders of consciousness which, by their nature, are totally spiritual. History will be seen as a fever of the Earth in her preparation to attain full consciousness. Religious boundaries will melt. In the spiritualized perception of everyday life, religion will no longer exist. In its place will be the Universal Recollection - UR.

VI. Conclusion: Cosmic History, Cosmic Civilization, Cosmic Responsibility

These merely introductory reflections on Galactic Culture and the Coming of Cosmic Civilization are necessary and prompted by the time in which we find ourselves. From one perspective we live in a time of bleak hopelessness, a visionless wasteland of war, terrorism and environmental degradation. From another view point, however, this is just a process of purification. Earth is wiping her slate clean. The final stage of the fever rages before it breaks. To see it this way, as the process of purification and preparation for a new stage of consciousness, is to see our situation through the lens of Cosmic History.

Just as there is a vast network of universal intelligence which we may rightly call Cosmic Civilization, so there is its context, the record of all records, the account of the nature and purpose of the layers of cosmic thought as they affect the Earth plane of consciousness. In fact, the Cosmic Civilization is a byproduct of Cosmic History. And this Cosmic History itself, is what the Law of Time has made possible. For in accessing the Law of Time and its supramental dispensation at this moment in our evolution, we are defining the threshold between the cosmic unconscious and the cosmic conscious.

From the perspective of Cosmic History, the Cosmic Civilization is the way the spiritual advance of the universal soul increases in its intelligent capacity to adapt to multiple formations of life and sentiency in general. Our planet is but one more opportunity for this Cosmic Civilization to adapt yet again, and in so doing permeate the field of life with a vibrant consciousness and intelligence that expands into a hyper-dimensional knowing hitherto unperceived. But if the opportunity and description of such a possibility as Cosmic Civilization, indeed of Cosmic History and the Law of Time present themselves to the contemporary intelligence, is it not the responsibility of that intelligence to consider deeply what is being offered?

Cosmic Civilization is thus a cosmic opportunity and a cosmic responsibility. There is no point in laboring for the rescue of what is now dying. The precipice of fate opens wide before everyone. The choices we make now seal our destiny as never before. The Law of Time has presented us with a teaching for the reformulation of our mind through a new perception of time, a cosmic universal perception that rearranges altogether the way we view and experience our reality. It is necessary to accomplish this perceptual reorganization in advance of the Closing of the Cycle and the advent of the noosphere. But in addition to the new perception, we must avail ourselves of the highest and purest essence of the spiritual teachings of the Earth civilization as it has thus evolved, and advance our mind through the portal of Galactic Culture into full cosmic consciousness. The higher one rises in consciousness the greater the responsibility for the welfare of all beings.

We are cosmic beings already, waiting to wake up from a materialist slumber. We are all receiving an invitation from the Beyond.

“Allah invites to the Abode of Peace, and guides whom He wills to a straight path.For those who do good is the greatest good, and even more. Neither darkness nor shame shall cover their faces. They are the owners of the Garden abiding there forever.”The Holy Quran 10:25-26

What is this Abode of Peace but the full realization of the “unmanifest self-referential mode of awakened being” (Dzog Chen, View Mediation and Conduct, Yangthang Tulku Rinpoche, p.62), the awakening to the hidden treasure that one is? Those whom He guides are those who exert in self-cultivation. The “straight path” is the Red Road of knowledge and wisdom arising from the experience of the innate ground of all being. The greatest good is realization that the self-referential mode of enlightened being is the fulfillment of the Divine Command, the means by which we gain the capacity to touch all souls for the benefit of enlightening the world. Those who have acquired true faces and become fully enlightened, darkness can never cover them and, no longer capable of anything but enlightened behavior, they shall never experience shame. To “own the garden” is to be in full possession of the original nature of one’s being which is the ground of all being. This is the Abode of Peace: Dwelling in the Face of God, and constructively generating the Garden on Earth. These are those who are called to join in the creation of the coming Cosmic Civilization.

No more needs be said, for we have gone beyond the possibilities of reason and must now ascend to the supermind, to create that ordered beauty that is in accord with the seventh ray of ceremonial Order, the Garden of Cosmic Civilization. In this Garden may each person, in her or his own way, recite a variation of the verses of the great mystic, Ibn-al Arabi:

O marvel, a garden among the flames …
My heart has become capable of all forms.
It is a meadow for gazelles and a monastery for Christian monks,
A temple for idols and the pilgrims Ka’aba,
The Tables of the Law and the Book of the Quran.
I profess the religion of Love, and whatever direction,
Its steed may take, Love is my religion and my faith.

Director of Research, Noosphere II
Foundation for the Law of Time
Rainbow Circle Sanctuary
Rhythmic Moon Dali 3, Kin 141 Red Spectral Dragon, Blue Crystal Storm Year