Galantamine ?

anyone else try it before ? im trying it tmmrow morning . :happy:
also , im hoping to do my first WILD successfully .

First of all. What the heck is it?

It’s a drug normally used for Alzheimer patients and it helps with overall memory and learning. It might help with your recall, but remember nothing is going to make you lucid except for you. It’s still up to you to spot the dreamsigns and make the connection. I’m not the biggest fan of supplements, but you never know if it works until you try it.

i’ll post a full report here tmmrow .

sooo … i couldn’t stay calm enough for the WILD, but i did experience some auditory hallucinations of bears roaring after i imagined it & a little imagery .
1:00 - Took 5-HTP
WBTB - 6:30 - 2 tabs of Galantamine (8mg)
420 mg of Choline
3 mg of Melatonin .
i just couldn’t stay calm & kept getting distracted with my thoughts … :sad:
i also kept getting excited at the slightest phosphene or sound …
will try again on sunday … but does anyone have any tips on how to stay calm ?

the best thing that helps me with staying calm, is just try to look deep into the blackness when you close your eyes and concentrate on it. just keep it black. don’t let any thoughts is. silence them when they come. after a while some HS or HI will start to appear.

Im not a fan of Galantamine. It was effective for me in some ways but not worth the little side effects. I’ve tried every supplement and combo imaginable and the best thing for me is a combo I formulated myself. It is purified and standardized forms of ; L-theanine, Ginkgo, 5-htp, Valerian, and Camu. If you make the combo yourself be sure to use Ginkgolic Acid Free Ginkgo. I also retail the combo for cheap on ebay.

So i tried it again & had long & very vivid dreams
couln’t WILD, was calm but got a little excited when the HI turned into stars .
gave up that when it dissapeared & fell asleep .
I was lucid for about 10 minutes but when the dreamscape changed i lost it .
any tips on how to prolong lucidity ? because as soon as i did a nose RC & was lucid . I spinned for about a minute , & stared at my hands really closely which completely fixed my vision .