[Game] Addict Hotel

I have been thinking lately, and I decided that I should make a book and/or text base game about some of the adventures on the playground (Role-plays). So I picked out the Addict Hotel role-play topic and decided to write a text base game about it.

 You start out as J.D. and have just moved in to the Hotel. You will go through the crazy quirks that the hotel has been going through since 2008 when Yours Truly's (KocoBassa) memory Holodeck malfunctions and ends up making the hotel reenact all of the mishaps that have happened over the years.

 I want your guy's opinions an thoughts on how the game should work. Credit for the idea will go to Pridak and Download into the game itself.

Do not forget to give credit to me, Danielns13 and WD as well for making most of the interesting RPs in the hotel and making the hotel as it is today :tongue:

And me who started one of the addict hotels. :grin:

Yeah the game has been delayed since my computer has recently broken.