[Game] OpenClonk

Hey guys, I know i am not the top poster in here :wink:, but I want to share this game with you:

OpenClonk is a free multiplayer action game where you control clonks, small but witty and nimble humanoid beings. The game is mainly about mining, settling and fast-paced melees. OpenClonk is also not just a game but also a versatile 2D game engine that offers countless possibilites to make own mods.

OpenClonk is the successor of the shareware game series Clonk and thus inherits many features of it. Our first milestone contains a few quick multiplayer melee and parkour rounds for playtesting the new features that were introduced since Clonk went open source.

Maybe some of you even know Clonk, played it once, or are even active playing it. We released a while ago, and we get close to releasing the first update (which, in my opinion, comes a little too late), which contains a lot of bugfixes and new stuff.

For any further informations, visit the forums, our main page or the blog. So if you’re interested, I’d love to get some feedback, either here, or in the forums :content:.

I hoped for an online game, but it’s a download :sad: . Can’t test it for you yet.