Game that helps dream recall!

You’ve all probably heard of Simon…

I’m pretty sure that playing a game like this will help your memorization and perhaps your dream recall as well…

By the way, I’ve played about 10 games and so far my high score is 21… I’ll bet thats not too tough to beat… anyway have fun!

good suggestion, i wouldn’t be surprised if it helped with recall. :smile:

umm, for it to help with recalls, should you play simon often, or before you go to bed or somethign? oh yeah, nice score :nodnodwinkwink: , i just got 18, i did a stupid mistake :crying:, but that was only 1 game, (ie:1 try) :wink:

what is it? the link wont load on my computer :sad:



that game is fun. thats real cool that you can play it for free.

i got 22 and made a stupid mistake… i kinda zoned out lol. :cool:

i got 8 :neutral:

now i know why i can’t remember dreams that great i only got 13. 21 is really high that’d be so hard

yeaaa I got 24! Last night I remembered 2 dreams, which is about average I guess…

argh! After many tries i finally managed to get 12 :stuck_out_tongue: I am now covinced that my short-time memory really sucks :smile: