By the way…anyone know of any computer games that seem to help lucidity? i’m just curious…

I would guess, VR-games

Myst, Riven, Exile - the amount of time you spend in the ‘ages’ trying to solve the puzzles should put you there in your dreaming life. I haven’t played them for ages but I used to constantly be solving the puzzles in my dream.

Zork, Grand Inquisitor is the same, very graphical with multitudes of puzzles to keep you playing forever.

Those are the only ones I have played that have had lasting effects on my dreams.

i don’t want to scare anyone… but Grand Theft Auto series has help me go Lucid.

Ok I’ll tell you one but you are warned that it will give you Lucid nightmares.

The silent hill games,in the game your always asking is this a dream??
But it will give you nightmares !!!

Meh…better lucid nightmares than no lucidity at all… :wink:

I think that any games you play can help you get lucid, just depends on how much time you use… when I was a kid I used to play games like TFC and day of defeat so much that when i closed my eyes, I saw myself running through corridors and stuff which was straight from the game.
But I suppose adventure games or games where you have to solve puzzles and figure things out are the best because they leave you thinking and your unconcious might be working on figuring them out even when your not playing.
I think that anything you think about a lot can easily be manifested into your dreams.

Yes, the Silent Hill games would give you nightmares… :eek: But as long as you did become lucid it wouldn’t be that bad… I just wouldn’t want to be stuck in a Silent Hill-inspired nightmare without becoming lucid :bored:


Iam my own game and I know all the secret buttons rofl :rofl:

But to be serious…ehm researchers found out that games where you go through 3D mazes level up theta waves and that has a strong connection with rem sleep also it will give you a bit more rem sleep in your sleep…reading has the same effect it also gives a bit more rem sleep in your sleep episodes!


I know one thing for sure: Championship Manager 4 (for the barbarians: a higly addictive soccer game) doesn’t help you if you want more LDs but it surely gave me a few (non-lucid) soccer hero dreams, and that’s neat too! When you’re playing like Ronaldo or Beckham, and you don’t even realize you’re just dreaming, that’s the ultimate ego boost!

Anyway, what about that game that has (surprisingly) never been mentioned on this Forum, Enter The Matrix? I didn’t play it, but it’s 3D and I guess playing Mr Neo himself should have SOME effect on your LD-capabilities :cool: . Maybe worth a try? Experiences anyone?

Computer games do have an effect on my dream life. I used to play a lot Quake 3 before going to bed. I remember a dream where I was jumping around in a quake 3 map (the longest yard) while trying to solve simple math exercises. I was fully lucid …you can read about it @ the lucid laboratory…

I think I’m trying a new technique I just came up with. Zonight, I#ll play 1 or 2 quake 3 games and with every kill I say myself that I’m going to have a LD this night…

i dont know about lucidity but i remember reading about the experiment.Some ppl were told to play Tetris for few hours and other half not.Sciencists then agreed that those in the first group noted increase in vividness and recall.
I wish i remembered the thread about it:(

I read somewhere (probably here) that tetris players have an unusual amount of dreams where bricks fall on their heads.

I couldn’t agree more. I love those games, for much the same reason that I love lucid dreaming. The environments are incredibly detailed and fascinating to explore. In fact, my initial goal when I started lucid dreaming was to visit the island of Myst.

It’s odd I never notice I’m playign games in dreams although it does feel great playing games in dreams that don’t exist(cowboy bebop) and or games like FPS. I think I’ll make video games one of my dream signs.

Thanks Jeff :happy:

Now i know why i got my first low-level LD after spending a whole night playing Half-life and soultrap… :wink:

Finally an excuse to start playing Metroid Prime again - that game is pretty absorbing, and it can scare the crap out of you, too, if it’s your first time around. :happy:
Plus it’s in the FPS kinda view, I think it’s showed up in a couple dreams…
Games and footbagging seem to be the root of most of my dreams. :grin:

rain drops keep falling on my head…

hmm tetris blocks keep falling on my head…

Atheist what a great idea! To visit myst in your ld wow love it!
Yup really like that idea thx!
Weird that i didnt think of that myself lol :smile:

Jeff cant wait lol :wink:

Welcome Lccorp2!

What’s weird, is that I never once even thought about using the Myst-style teleportation method to change the dreamscape. In the Myst games (and books), people teleported around the universe by touching their palms to a picture in the first page of the book. This picture was automatically generated when someone described a world by writing in the book. Strange, but I never considered doing this in my own LDs to change location. I guess it’s worth a try. :smile: