Gender Mod Now Implemented

As per request by popular demand :grin:

You can now specify in your profile whether you are male or female.

you even get a nice icon below your avatar.


hmm… weird, little error i have to iron out i see, my sig got messed up after selecting my gender in my profile… lemmeseewhatididwrong :grin:

Checking my gender… :wink:

Works fine :smile: Good job Q!

Hmm yes, had to change my sig manually, was all messed up

I noticed some extra numbers in my sig. Lemme see if it still looks ok. :look:

ok, all done. I also had to redo my sig. It seems I had a similar problem before. :uh: Anyways, it’s all fixed now. :thumbs:

Here is what it was, . . if it helps any:

:happy: yes it works fine PasQuale!


everybody like the cute little hand-made! gender smilies? I know i do :cool:

about the sig thing:
i still have to find out what i did wrong, maybe i added code in a wrong place or something when adding the mod, or maybe it is a bug in the mod itself. There where so many files to be modded that it isn’t easy to spot the mistake in one look.

That was such a neat idea!:slight_smile:
Thx Pasquale:)

I was sure this was 1 change that Jack would approve of! :wink: :doublegrin:

:cool: lol DreamAddict I agree…hehe.


Looks good to me!

There are way too many males compared to females. I would have thought it would be the other way round. Females seem to talk about their dreams a lot more than males…so why the opposite here?

Loves the gender smilies! :love:


plus only men are stupid enough to believe in this stuff.

wow I’m itchy on my chin :hmmm:

It works :content:
I love this picture :doublegrin:

yay now we can all show our sex :tongue:

Boy that sounds sooooo wrong :smile: