General level of awareness

You can doubt if that’s really you in the dream - but it’s because you are much more “stupid” in dreams; our brain activity is near the waking life state, but it doesn’t actually reach it. And it seems that memory doesn’t work very well.
But you can be REALLY aware of your state and implications of the fact that you’re dreaming. It’s what we call lucidity, and it can be low or high level. When you have real LD (not a low-level one) it’s very close to the waking life.
And after all, dreams seem real to your mind - it’s only a question of where your “data” about surroundings comes from - your senses or yourself. So even if you don’t have any control, it’s still much fun - flying in LD is as good as flying IRL could be.

Yes, it is further confirmed from my experiment that I did recently when I attempted to WILD with high level of consciousness. I tried to make the crossover with my awake consciousness into my dream world and the only thing I experienced was sezuire-like sensation with hallucination. No matter how hard I try and how long I try, I wouldn’t be successful at all. I realized that in order to make the crossover into my dreaming world, I have to lose a large portion of my consciousness so my subconsciousness could take over properly, but after the crossover occured… I believe it’s possible to bring back the most of consciousness again. Only thing is, you’re looking at the world from your subconsciousness not from your consciousness. The progress is actually inverted so it could explain why sometimes you act “stupid.” It also depends on your ability to be alert inside your dream world. It’s not easy being conscious from there, but it’s possible.

Hopefully it makes sense! :smile:

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Luckily what I wanted to say there is very similar:

I found that you may have different levels of awareness in your dreams. You can take anything for granted, it’s then hard to get lucid and it’s low-level lucidity. If you are aware, you question all weird things, so it’s easy to get lucid, and have high-level LD’s.
My question is: is that (getting you more aware) what MILD do? Or is it just a question of light/deep sleeping? Or maybe it depends on how tired you are?