General practices and wild

Been doing alot of reading on LDing lately and for the past 2 months I’d say have been trying off and on to get a LD.

Now… as far as I am able to recall the closest I’ve come was being in a dream and thinking for a second something was weird.

I’ve tried a few techniques, started with WBTB a few times but as well as wikipedias wild-esque technique. Now I’ve mostly been trying to WILD as it seems most effective for my lifestyle (up late, good sleep, early morning) so as this question has been probly asked a million times what could be possible flaws in my technique. Firstly Ill mention I keep no dream journal, would this greatly increase my chances? Cause im willing to spend 30 seconds writing every morning.

I dont have a complete understanding of WILDing but I think ive figured you relax, keep the mind focused untill HI then youll get into the dream world eventually if you succeed.

So Ill go to bed (Usually with a coke for the past hour or two beforehand, if that could be a factor) at about 12 (I wake up at 6 if it plays a factor again) and I’ll usually listen to some LeBarge relaxation audio files.

As far as focusing goes I’ll daydream and think about lucid dreaming a bit and say “I will realize im dreaming.” and sometimes the “1 im dreaming 2 im dreaming…”

Now everytime that I can remember I just fall asleep. HI is never more then very pointillistique (is that a word) grey on black background CEV’s as everyone has but I’ve never had anymore except in deep deep relaxation slight flashes of green-grey.

Sorry about the noobiness and long post. Any tips? :cool_laugh:

Edit: Lastly I do a few reality checks a day. 90% in the last 2-3 hours of night though which I beleive is totally failing.

Ok First getting a dream journal does increase dream recall but if you get 1 per day thats good without the need of DJ

Second Don’t listen to the same relaxtion tapes by LaBerge
try reading the forums.

and Last Don’t try to hard

But sounds like youre doing great.Keep Trying

Yes, defiantly keep a dream journal even if you are doing WILD.

The key things you want to keep in mind are:

  1. You need to become deeply relaxed
  2. pick one small thing to focus on and let go of all other thoughts
  3. Don’t force it and don’t think about all the things associated with WILD like SP, HI etc.

Check out the big WILD topic

I’ve got a dream journal sitting by my bed now, but I just dont have the motivation in the weekday mornings to write in it. Could this be my failing part [Not total failure but decrease my chances]

WILD im still passing out in before getting to HI and I’ve been trying everynight. No other technique appeals to me since I dont have time for WBTB.

It’s not very good indeed. LD’ing is mainly based upon motivation. If you even don’t have motivation enough to write your dreams, I don’t know what good advice to give you. :neutral: Hmmm… I found one. Read LD’ing related stuff and rely on your chance. :content:

Basilus is right…you need to work on your motivation. That’s one of the biggest factors in LDing.

DJing itself is good for two purposes:

  1. Forcing yourself to write in a DJ sends messages to your subconscious that remembering dreams is actually important to you.
  2. The process of racking your brain for details to write down can jog memories that normally go forgotten. I very frequently start by writing down a vague fragment of a dream. Suddenly, something I’m writing reminds me of a much longer and more vivid dream I had that night. It seems like the opposite should be true–stronger memories reminding me of weaker ones–but it’s not. You very well may be forgetting your most vivid dreams on many nights.

I have the same problem, I don’t have enough motivation…

You say that you never get to HI, could be that you’ll never see it! Don’t get me wrong, it’s just that not everyone has HI. Some people have sounds, vibrations and some even smell or taste something (kinda rare) instead of imagery.

That doesn’t mean that they can’t do WILD, you just have to change it a bit. If you get vibrations/falling feeling you just have to stay calm and wait until it’s over, then you could be dreaming :content:

But it could of course just be that you fall asleep before you see HI, so no worries.
If that’s the case, you should try leaning your hand up the wall or something, so you won’t fall asleep before seeing it. If you fall asleep, the arm will fall as well.

If you want to try a method that may suit you better, I would suggest FILD

Ps. Some call it HILD since that’s the original name, but some people mixed it up with Hypnosis Induced LD, so it was changed to Finger Induced. It doesn’t say anything about on that link (at least not the first page), but I read it on Dreamviews’ forum :wink:

I cant do HILD since I sleep so heavy I sleep through two alarm clocks.

Last night trying to wild after about 20 minutes I started feeling really heavy and CEVs got more prominent. I went to bed about an hour early. Im not up to date on wild signs before LD’s but is this progress maybe?

Well. I had my first LD.

I dont know what induced it probably a WBTB kindve because I woke up at 8 and went to bed, then 9 and went to bed again and thats when I had it.

Started off with ND then I was in this gym thing being held hostag e at gunpoint (lol) and said to myself this must be a dream so I tried to breathe through my nose and I could. I then made the bad guys leave and saved my friends (girls :wink: ) Tried the first thing everyones about, flying but I felt myself loosing it so gave up on that. Then did what any guy would do with girls in a LD :razz: but excitment made me lose it.

Let this be a message to beginners. As long as you keept at it, youll have one. Even if it takes 2 months like me.

Is there anyone who really only spends 30 seconds on their DJ in the morning? LOL That’s barely enough to write my title and first sentence or notes. :content:

Well Ive been leaving my computer onto my personal blog with a message ready so I come on in the morning (or when I get home in the evening if Ive forgotton) and type out any dream(s) I remember.

Im begenning to have about 1 dream everytime I fall asleep which is great for me.

Also been doing 40-50 reality checks a day. (Nose pinch and is my nose there at the same time. As well as reminding myself to look at my hands and rub them if imagry fades.

Hopefully some more LD’s pop up soon. A 2nd, a few seconds longer would be nice :happy:

Well, recently I haven’t been writing my dreams down as of late, but I remember about 3 a night. When I did write them all down, the easiest thing for me was to write 1-10 keywords per dream and it only took a few seconds. I kept a small notepad by my bed.

When I got up for the day, I would write down the full dream.

I know how it is with HI. I would only see black and white “things”. They typically would move in such a way as to seem like a tunnel. They never changed into dreams, and either I wasn’t looking at the right thing or I had to wait longer.

But anyways, I encourage you to do a dream journal, even just keywords, because if you have a LD and you don’t remember it because you haven’t been writing them down, well, I would be angry.