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Ok… maybe this problem exist already or maybe it isn’t the right category but i didn’t find any topic being the same.Ok now, i wanna have a lucid dream (all the begginers want to) but i don’t wanna lose any sleep so i decided to use the WILD tehnique… i wanna try this method… now, i put myself in a “stay still” position and didn’t move for a long time, i got the feeling that it’s very hard to move like i was made of wax or steel or something but i stay like this, i don’t enter in a SP and i don’t see any Hypnagogic image so that i can push myself into a dream. I just sit there being councious, not moving, but can’t go into a dream either… what can i do to end up lucid dreaming through the WILD tehnique ?(sorry if i did gramatical mistakes but i am no native…).

The WILD technique can be difficult, because you do not want to be too awake in your mind. You have to be sleeping to dream at all. So, it can be difficult to find a balance of conscious but not so conscious that you don’t dream.

Sometimes it helps me, (when I’m feeling sleepy in my physical body) to let my mind imagine or daydream. Then, if I am very sleepy, and I do this for long enough, it naturally becomes a dream.

Do you think that for a begginer there would be other tehniques that might work out better ?

Just by knowing that lucid dreaming can be, means that you can have a lucid dream! :wink: That’s the autosuggestion technique. It’s the easiest because you don’t have to do anything, but it depends on luck.

When you are dreaming, you can learn to look for strange things that are impossible in waking life, or unreasonable. You can wonder how you got here, why you are here, and if you can remember and answer then you are awake and lucid. If you can’t remember, then you are dreaming and can become lucid. That’s the reality check technique, or the DILD technique.

WILD became easier when combined with WBTB (wake and go back to sleep) technique, for me. When that stopped working (sometimes that happens) I just had to find another technique that fit me better at the time. Sweet dreams to you!

When doing WILD you want to be awake and then gradually falling asleep but you need to actually fall asleep with some awareness. So you never lose awareness, you just cut on it so you can actually fall asleep.

Because if you do stay aware as much as you did you will get exactly the same result as you already did…

And of course, everything that EllyEve said!

Good luck! :content:

If you don’t want to lose any sleep, and you want to have lucid dreams, the easiest solution is to sleep more. If you head to bed an hour, or an hour and a half earlier on two nights per week, then you can still use WBTB and get the normal amount of sleep.

I personally can’t see how lucid dreaming will lose you any sleep, as you’d still be asleep while dreaming, obviously, but maybe I have misunderstood that or missed something out (I wouldn’t be surprised).

Anyway, if you look around the forum you’ll see a lot of people discouraging the WILD technique until you’ve had at least a few longish (30 mins or so) lucid dreams, and that it is a notoriously difficult technique, especially for beginners.

Probably the best thing I can do is agree with dreamosis, head to bed an or so earlier a few nights a week and use WBTB, hopefully your DR will get good enough to remember some dreams with less sleep after you’ve done it a few times, but it probably won’t be as vivid as if done with more sleep.

If you don’t want to lose sleep, WILD should be your last choice. It requires you to lay still for a period of time. Often times people lay still for nearly an hour without results, and lose sleep.

Lucid dreaming does not cause you to lose sleep at all. I suggest you practice preforming RCs and try other methods such as DILD, DEILD …etc.