General Questions + Was this LD

ok well ill start with the LD, I believe i had had too much to drink that night when i went to bed, I was just having a normal dream (just about my day) and suddeny i though, I need to go to the toliet, so just like magic, i was suddenly in my bathroom. I was just about to start when i realised that it was a dream and i was like ohno I better wake up or… :tongue:


  1. Now if i understand correct, practicing say an musical instrument just helps to connect the neural pathways which make you play better, this can be to some extent, replicated by just thinking about practicing. Would it be possible to practice while having an LD and actual get better?

  2. What is the best LD inducing technique, WILD , WBTB etc. last night i was trying to do a wild but i think i was too tired and ended up actauly having a WBTB.

  3. do you think that any of those famous artists, mozart, picasso etc had LD which helped them create their works?


Yes it was an LD, lucky for you the first LD you have is often short, which in this case may have saved you from an embarrassing siduation. :wink:
As for your other questions,
There has been some research on this and it can help. This assumes that you actualy play the instrument, and do practice IRL as well. :grin: As far as I know,there is no research to show that you can learn something completly new in your dreams.
The best technique depends on you. :eh: There is a sticky topic on chosing the best technique that is probly the best place to look for that info. There it is explaned much better then I could do it here. ( A side note: WBTB is not an induction technique, it is more of a support method. You use it with an induction technique to improve the success chances of the technique. )
Manny famous people, not just artists, have said that dreams have helped them solve problems, and get ideas for their art. If the dreams were LD’s or not will probably never be known. :sad: Maybe you could become one of the first documented cases of someone who used LD’s to become famous. :grin:

:content: :content: yeah i can play the viola in real life so i was hoping to experiment to see if i improved by trying this. Ill check out those stickies. Also do those Lucid induction cds and music help alot? or does it depend on the person.

Yes it depends on the person. :neutral:
If you can go to sleep with music, then they might be for you. Some people say that they work very well, I have never been able to fall asleep with one. I have also not been able to fall asleep with earphones on, so I can’t even use the ones that have an hour or so of no sound befor they start. Just my bad luck. :sad:

i think that WILD sounds best for me :happy: cant wait to give it a whirl tonights :happy: I also think i have experienced it before becuase i an remember on nemourus occasions i have felt the feeling of falling onto the bed :smile:

WILD is the best technique but takes some time to learn. I suggest you try autosuggestion, reality checks and MILD before you really give a go at WILD. Remember though, that you can always practice WILD whenever you have time :smile:

what about VILD? that seems like one that would perfectly suit me after reading bout it :smile: dam i just gotta pick one and stick with it

about the practising musical instruments in LDs, maybe they can help you improve on existing knowledge, but you can’t learn anything new, like techniques, etc. but i dunno about learning new pieces of music