genetics, freind or foe?

I figured theres already a evolution thread, which is a subject with as much controversy, so why not one on genetics?

whats your opinion on the issue.

In my mind Genetics is a means to improve the overall quallity of life. it uses in the medical feild are overwhelming. How can people simply be full against something that could in the futur end birth defects and all kinds of hereditary deseases.
What pisses me off are people so against it that they actually burn feilds of genetically inhanced crops.
Sure some people may take its uses to far, cloning humans and what not. But thats what laws are for.
Oh and what about the Geneticly inhanced glowing fish that are now being marketed. Did you know california actually banned the sale of them. how outragous is that.
anyway, Its hard to start a debate without saying something like “all who oppose genetics are fools”
I figured this is probably the best way. so please add your opinion.

The idea that humans can play god. I think this is not good for humanity and the earth. We will become less connected to it.

Although at the same time… in the future genetics could save my life from the potentially deadly disease that i have.

Making organs. and also not only would this help me but allot of people who are waiting for organ donners.

We already are using medicine to the extreme. using animal organs and stuff like that.

People are already using genetics on animals…

I heard that KFC have made from genetics a type of chicken… which hasnt got very many bones… no feet… no beak… just pretty much a blob of muscle… and is fed through a tube.

but i guess the answer dosent lie anywhere…

LOL. I’ve heard similar stories about KFC. Like genetically enhanced chickens that have six legs and wings. I think that thats just an urban ledgend though cause i’ve heard several variations. But hears a question. Would you eat it if the did?

That KFC stuff is obviously an urban legend. Definately. Sorry everybody!

Would you rather have DNA studied so that we can work out what effect sorts of chemicals would have, or animals tested on to see what the effect of chemicals might be?

The KFC thing is definatley a rumor.

Personally I don’t have any problems with most genetics, the only one I have a problem with is cloning.

I don’t trust genetically modified anything.

Food: While it has it’s good sides no one really know how the food is being altered we just have to take their word for it. Nor do we have any idea of the effects on the human body of these modified foods will have in the long term. Remember even cigs were thought to be “good” for you when they first came out, but a few years after all the bad side effects came out.

Everything we eat has an effect on our body, there’s no way to really no how genetically altered foods may effect us. We are guinnee pigs. Mother Nature knows whats she doing if food stuff was meant to be altered nature would do it. Lets leave it upto nature that knows what its doing.

Genetic Medicals: Making organs ok this isn’t really a bad thing at all, save lives, possibly more reliable than organ donors as if they use the persons DNA less chance of rejection. But how long will it be before they start attempting the human brain? Which brings us to…

Cloning: Scientists continue to clone animals, we all heard of Dolly the Sheep most likely but maybe not of the rats, mice and guinee pigs that also have been cloned.

It doesn’t take a genuis to realise that human cloning isn’t going to be ignored, that was the whole point of the animal cloning. Yes laws can be made but only if the person in power to make those laws is AGAINST IT. And that will only go for people in that country there are many countries that won’t make that law.

Innevitably human cloning will happen and that could lead to the end of the human race. But hey i won’t be alive then so who cares lol. A race cannot live as clones so for me human cloning should never be allowed to make the brainstorming stage.

Genetics has it’s use medically but in other areas it could be a reciep for disaster.

i agree with most of what you said dark matter. But riddle me this bat man. what about non genetically altered meats. by non genetically altered i mean cows and pigs and such whoes DNA have not deen modified.
Do you eat McDonalds? Or any fast food for that matter. which are so full of growth hormons thats its no wonder the obesity levels have resen in past years. Cow are given hormons so that they constently produce milk to the point that their uters scrape against the ground whail they walk causing blisters and scabs on the very organs the milk we drink comes from. That milk is also full of these hormons and we are just recently finding out their effects on the humans that cunsume the product.
Chickens have been breed to the point that they constently produce unfertilized eggs.
also lets look at the living condistions of factory farms. So many chickens cramed into one space that there beaks are cut off to avoid them attacking each other and harming there presious meat. and the infamous bolt gun used to kill these animals which has only a 50% rate of actually killing them. And lets not forget veal. we all know how that is obtained.
Yet we have no problem comsuming the fruits of these methods.
How is that means of minipulation any differant then genetic means?
Also if these foods can be grown with genetics putting an end to all this. Why not go that rout?
It would also solve some problems with being critisized by those pesky vegans.

oh and on cloning, I completly agree. The thought of human cloning is one of the stupidest to ever come out of the human race. Espesially because you know people will have the earge to clone there young children that have passed away and expect them to be the same person. This could set standerds that no clone could live up to. Also great movie on the subject. ‘Gatica’. i highly recomend it.

Personally, I like what the field of genetics has done for humanity so far.

right on Monitor199a

i don’t eat meat.

I’m not a vegitrian i just don’t like meat with the exception of chicken/turkey and fish however. As for mcDs nope only fast food i eat are Pizza (yes pepperoni dats meat ooh i like meat lol) I’ve only ever been to McDs once in my life and all i had was fries n a coke.

Im with the KFC theory :happy:

i think that if so many people have had suspicious of kfc in particular, then there must be something going on.

I dont eat fast food. except i eat hungry jacks chips. now when i see people eating KFC i want to tell them what they are eating… but in the end i dont think that they really care.

does anyone know what happend to dolly?

I don’t know, KFC is one of the only nation wide chains of Chicken joints. next to popey’s. which rocks the house. But KFC to my knowladge is the oldest of these two. Every body knows KFC. And in a sociaty on the edge of this whole genetic revolution. its not hard to imagine that many people see fit to simply acuse KFC because there a big buissness. On top of that i don’t beleive it is possible at this point to gennetically alter animals in that way. Especially on so large a scale as to be KFC’s soul source of product.
I think its more posibly that they are tring to find ways to in which to genetically alter chickens and some one got hold of that and distorted it. Or maybe it was simply a joke at a company meeting that some one took the wronge way.

Anyway if it were true, i’m sure the government and FDA would have something to say about it.

hehehe i dont know what popeys is lol.

umm… another thing… that they dont actaully say chicken on the menu.
i’ll have to check that one

ummm dolly the sheep died i found that out yesterday.

hehehe… there is that big thing with the Raliens about how they have cloned a human ebryo. i think that is what it is lol.

they are crazy bunch. lol

genetics is just knowledge, and as with any knowledge it can be used as a tool for both good and evil.

Humans altering genetics is just trouble waiting to happen. Humans create mistakes, and then sometimes learn from those mistakes. Nature however, seems to create sublime creatures that survive well for the time they are destined to live here. To alter nature’s instructions which have been going along just great for many years is going to create horror and monsters. The next 1000 years is going to be one whacky ride.

About KFC, oh come on people! Start using that noggin of yours and realize the absurdity of that story. All farms, processing plants, restaurants, and anything involved in the food business in the US is inspected every month. Do you really think “lumps of muscle” is fed through a tube and then “secretly prepared” for the public. That’s nonsense! The public work at these places and there would be “whistle blowers” the first day!

However, an Israeli in Israel (not an American in the US working for KFC) bred a feather-less chicken.
The 1st of many monsters. :grin:

hehehehe… maybe someone had a dream about the future.

The only thing I would ever appreciate from that genetics stuff, is if they used it to make new enhanced super weed, that was 10 times stronger then purple haze and completely safe like normal weed. That would rock my socks, I would have to throw a party, and you’d all be invited. Also that stuff about the glowing fish…that’s kind of sick, it would look like it had freaking radiation exposure or something. The fixing birth defects and hereditary diseases is good, you could probably stop hereditary hair loss eventually if they took it far enough, all kinds of that hereditary junk. Good uses. Cloning humans=bad uses.