George carlin

Has anyone ever listned to George Carlin? Ive allways thought of him as more of a philosopher then a comidian. some things he talks about make me mad, because its so true like the thing about golf. He is one of my favorite philosophers. Now if you want funny check out Lewis CK. He cracks me up.

i like George Carlin, but he has a tendency to stop doing comedy and start preaching.

Some comics can pull it off (Bill Hicks) and i think Carlin does fairly well but he can be kind of a downer, especially considering i go to him for entertainment first.

I’d say calling him a philosopher is a stretch.

I also love CK Lewis. He’s outstandingly funny .

I love George Carlin, mainly because his world view is alot like my own, and hes comedy is quite funny,

@Win Laik Pya, listen to some of his interviews that aren’t comedy based, then you might see how you can call him a philosopher :tongue:

CK Lewis? the name sounds familiar but i can’t place him.

now if you want amazingly funny AND a great “lesson-learned” type comedian look up Christopher Titus. :content:

Christopher Titus kind of worries me. He just seems a little… unstable. I don’t know. He was doing an act once and one of his bits revolved around his mother’s death. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for gallows humor, but that was just awkward.

Concerning Carlin, i’ve seen a few normal interviews and generally disagree with him, hence the adversion to his lectures during comedy shows. He was an amazing comedian, though.

as for Lewis CK: … re=related … re=related … re=related

this is why I see GC as a more of a philosopher, and It might sound bitter, but I wish I could take a detached view of this polotical world, and society. I dont see it as a negative way of viewing life, but more of a Taoist, or Zen way of life. You know fuck hope. If you look at it like that you dont have to exsaust your self with false beleifs that shit will one day get better, because its not. The only way I see society getting better is the last few months before the world ends when just maybie people might wake up, and live for what really matters. This is why I love 2012 if something happens, or not from September(My favorite month) through Dec 2012 I personaly am going to be living it up, and if nothing happens Ill still wouldnt have wasted any of my time, because Ive had fun over the past 10 years. Ive learned how to LD, I write songs, I draw pictures, Ive made a great deal of great friends. Ive lived a good life, but unfortunantly I cant view life in a detached way without getting angry at the state of this world. I have my heros George, and Roger Waters being one of them. My heros have to be wise, and teach me what they have learned about life. Everytime I get into an argument about the end of the world people are allways saying Im negative, and depressing. When I see them as depressing. We live in a fucked up world who can deni it, adn I do have hope, but that is that the world will be put out of its missrey soon, and we can party a little before we all blow ourselves all to hell. Ive been watching too much GC. Great ma.n
Thank you George, and Roger Waters for not being afraid of showing us the real meaning of life, and how this world woks.

P.s. with all that said Im still not an Athiest. I do beleive in God.

I checked out Titus right now, and he seemed okay, but Doug Stanhope has a better self-destructive act. Carlin’s funny with his grumpy old man bits, though. People-suck-comedians just sometimes find this really charming perspective that can be hilarious.

Carlin is probably my most favourite stand-up comic. I can even get an Internet Radio station which ONLY plays Carlin’s stuff. :smile: