get drunk, and do RCs

Im sorry Im drunk now, and this post may not make any sence, but what if you used alcahole, for a RC tool. Think about it when your drunk you are in a altared state. So you will be more criticall about doing reallity checks. Ive done alot (Im sorry its hard for me to type, and make any sence when im this drunk so bare with me) When I do reality checks, I am more critical about my surroundings when Im drunk, do I continualsy make my RCs, and say to myself… “Am I dreaming”

See thats what im sayong, I dont make sence. What i ment to say is… When Im drunk I may think I am dreaming, so I do RCs… Do you understand what Im trying to say here?

yeah… I think I know what you are saying. could not hurt to try! your mind is in a sort of altered state whilest drunk so… let us know if it works lol

lol, yeah. I gotcha buddy.

Maybe you will just have tons of lucid dreams tonight?

We should question your reality drunk or not. And even if it doesn’t see dream like, we should asume our surounding is a dream until proven otherwise. :smile:

Although using alcahol to aid lucid dreaming could be fun :content:

I’ve done RC’s when drunk, I really thought I was dreaming! :shy:

good idea, i havnt LD’d yet but thats a really good idea. and i just found out what RC’s are, i was trying to do the “MILD” all this time. RC’s will help… hopefully.

mmm vodka.