get lucid tip

dont ask people if you are dreaming to become lucid because they will almost definitely say no even if you are in a dream

I’d have to agree since on a few different occasions I have had DC’s let me know that I am dreaming. Now, it’s not exactly reliable but it can work. Still, I can think of a few other RC’s I’d rather use first.

I find that a pretty superficial statement, as it’s most definitely not something sure, something with 100% chances to happen, what you’re saying here. Never actually say that something in a dream will be exactly like you think, or was in one of your dreams.

You know that in a LD even the nose RC can fail ? You know, the one where you try to breathe with your nose closed. It’s absolutely logical for you to keep on breathing inside the dream, because you are still breathing IRL. But… I’d also contradict that. Once I had a ND where I was underwater. I was holding my breath as much as I could. I felt like suffocating when I took a gasp of air (underwater). I could breathe. I didn’t got lucid though, because the action/storyline of the ND was really breath holding. I woke up realizing that when I was holding my breath in the dream, I was also doing that IRL. The deep breaths I took in the dream woke me up.

What I’m trying to say is that you can never be sure about something within a dream, nomatter how logic it may seem IRL. Don’t argue on me on this, please starting fights is not what I intend to do.

Think about it and get my point. :smile:

i know i got the tip from a book

Interesting. Which book was that?

exploring the world of lucid dreaming

That is not necessarily true. If you believe that they will say you are not dreaming, then they will. I have had multiple times where ive told a dream character that i was actually dreaming and they would agree with me and say something along the lines of " i know ,isn’t it amazing what your mind can do?" Which is pretty awesome in my opinion. If you truely believe something is going to occur, then it will.