geting angry! just gonna give up!

I’ve tried everything to remember my dreams but nothing works! I’ve tried dream journal but its empty! Auto suggestion hasn’t worked neither has mild! I give up!

If you want to give up, it’s fine. No one here is forcing you to keep on trying.

Yet if you are posting here, it may mean that you are in fact asking for more advice… am I mistaken ? ^^"
Apparently you registered two weeks ago. Two weeks without a single memory is long, I agree on that. But it’s not hopeless. I am going to give you advice (I can’t help it), then you do what you want with it.

First, did you remember your dreams before ? How often did you recall something from a dream ? Has your dream recall become WORSE since you’re trying to improve it, or is it simply that you never remembered anything ?

Second, are you sure you do your autosuggestion correctly ? It has to be done when you’re relaxed and you feel you’re about to fall asleep, not right when you go to bed and turn off the light. Make sure the sentences you use are efficient (“I will remember my dream” works better than “I will not forget my dream” for example). If you’re unsure, just tell what sentence you use.

Third, your DJ. Don’t you even have a faint impression of remembering this or that ? If you remember something, however blurred or vague it may be, write it down. Someone once said : if you remember nothing, write down “nothing”. If you feel that you remembered something when you woke up, but you forgot it as soon as you tried to put it into words, write down that fact. This may help you.

Fourth, MILD. MILD is not a technique for dream recall. It is used to induce lucid dreams. This is to be done once you remember your dreams. I don’t understand how you were able to try MILD, because you are supposed to think about a past dream and imagine how you could have become lucid… how were you able to do that if you don’t remember ANYTHING ?

Hope this helps !

I say ‘I will awake from my dreams and completely remember them’. I woke up once but I couldn’t remember anything so I tried mild and it never worked. I used to vaguely remember but I don’t at all now. I guess I can start writing nothing and stuff that I feel. Its just demoralising to not get anything back from all the effort if you understand me?

Yes, I do understand what you mean. If you really can’t remember anything after several weeks, you may want to stop trying for a while, think about something else, and resume later.
Your autosuggestion sentence seems fine, but I personnally prefer short ones like “I will remember my dreams”. Longer sentences may be less clear for your subconscious than short, straightforward ones. But I don’t think it is a major problem - it’s a personal choice.

I’ll try that tonight then. And righting everything down. I’ll report back! Thabks for your help!

One little comment, try to take it lightly. I know it can be hard and frustrating… but frustration and anger just make things worse. I know from experience that when I get sad or frustrated that I’m not remembering my dreams or getting lucid, it only prolongs the dryspell :sad: You can not simply force yourself to remember dreams.

These things can take some time… :sad: So take a deep breath and keep walking! :smile:

EDIT: One thing you can try… before bed, daydream a little and imagine as vividly as possible how you would feel if you woke up in the morning and could remember a dream. Emotions are really powerful when dealing with the SC, so if you go to sleep with that feeling it just might help

In the begining what helped me was writing down the tiniest emotion I felt. Also, take a break for a day. Maybe your subconsious is overworked.

I agree take a brake, and dont even think about LDing for about 2 weeks. Then start fresh

Maybe the alarm you’re using to wake up is too jarring and waking you up too fast too soon? I find that it makes a huge difference how much I can recall depending on the way I wake up. If I wake up suddenly, I can only hold together a few images for a few seconds and they’re gone, but if I wake up gradually I remember a lot more. Maybe try some chimes that gradually get louder?

The fact that you’re so discouraged could also be part of the issue.

Hey man, I’ve had ‘‘periods’’ before where I couldn’t recall anything, it was a long time ago and lucid dreaming wasn’t any interest of mine, so I was ok with it. Then I started my LD quest and started my DJ and everything has been building up nicely, so be patient.

Also try to not want it to much, sometimes its easier said than done but if you manage to do this you might be surprised with the results.

Wow everyones so nice here. I think I’m going to take a break. I had no success last night again so maybe a break is good. My alarm is loud and startling ill try change it. Thanks guys! Ill be back soon.

Hey ! If you give up now, you’ll come back to LD’ing later - I assure you. Or at least you’ll be thinking about it too much - and you will be sorry that you gave up and wasted time (personal experience). I know LD’ing for more than a year - yes more than a year. But I joined the forum since July I think. I gave up LD’ing too, and once I joined this I came back to it. I felt sad that I wasted so much time (a year) when I could practice and get a lot better. But now I’m perfectly happy - I’m a lot better now than I was a year ago :tongue:. I even have lucid dreaming related experiences regular once a week :happy:. So… you could give up… but just like a member said, only for a maximum of two weeks - not a year ! It might refresh you, like it did to me :smile:

Good luck though !

Taking a break never does any harm, so go ahead and take a break, it might actually be beneficial. Also from personal experience (and I know other dreamers here experience this and can confirm it), waking up ‘‘unvoluntarily’’ by means of alarms and similar stuff affects your ability to recall you’re dreams, unfortunately for me I must rely on my alarm to wake up so sometimes I can’t write anything on my DJ. Still my dream recall has improved greatly over the time!

When you wake up in the morning, keep your eyes closed and relax, allowing images to pop into your mind. For people who normally don’t remember dreams and get a dream journal, it might be weeks before you get a first glimpse of dream memory.
Keep at it! but do it for fun not as a job, homework, or task.

I remember one second from last night! Its a start! I wasn’t even trying!

Grats! :happy: Now you KNOW you can remember dreams. That little bit of confidence will help a lot.

If you can, try waking up naturally instead of using an alarm clock. You’ll probably have better results :content: