Geting lucid in the day equals to better dreams?

I am a member of a philosophy webgroup, and one day we started a thread about lds.
One of the members said once that one day, he and his friends made this weird chalange: try to stay awake for 24 hours without “drifting” into daydreams or imagining anything, only paying attention to everything they see, hear, feel, smell and taste. 24 hours of pure lucidity.
He said that they were unable to fuffil the chalange (of course), but still, they made their best efforts.
But, he says that on the nigth after the “chalange”, he had what he says to be the “most clear and concrete” dream he ever had.
When on the next day he told this to his fellow collegues, they all claimed to have dreamed on that nigth.

hmm… very interesting approach. I’m going to try this over the course of this week and see if I can notice any results.

If u dont sleep for 24 hours then the next day when u go sleep u have more rem sleep, so more and longer dreams.

I think you just said it all Jeff!

But would this better in any way our lucid dreaming teqniques?

sounds very similar to lucid living, if you don’t know what it is you should do a search for it. there are old posts about it around here somewhere

jeff is right about staying up for 24 hours, i do it every once in a while… every time i have extremely long, yet very very strange dreams. it’s hard to say if it’s worth it or not though because i’m so tired after staying up that long. i know some people who have stayed up for 2-3 days before even… that would be hard.

That’s funny… some time ago i came across this realy old posts about “lucid dreaming”. But the thread was so big i had to dismissed them from my attention.
I think i might go and try to find them.

Thanx for the info CCHawk!!

I stayed twice up for 76 hours at once to study lower brain waves and its effect on doing selfhypnosis.
Wasnt that hard and indeed selfhypnosis was way way way easier then normal because of the elevated levels of serotonin, dmt and melatonin.
Because of the lower brain waves i was already a bit in a trance.
Record is 11 days…hmmm tempting :smile:

I tried this a few days last week and I actually got a few LDs out of it. I tried to be externally aware as much as possible and everytime I caught myself daydreaming, I’d do a RC too. I agree that the idea sounds somewhat like lucid living, but I have to say, it is pretty effective.

It actually helped out my waking life too. The first day I did this, I met several new people since I wasn’t as spaced out as I normally was. :cool:

but isnt is if you stay up for a long time you hallucinate? i remember when i stayed up for 2 days i was in a trance and had mild hallucinations…

Yes this makes sense. The more alert and living in the “now” in the day, the more alert and living in the now you would be in your dreams. I think I should try this someday! It would be extremely hard for me though, since i tend to want to wander off into my head and live in my own little world during the day, especially while sitting through class. But hey, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to try it out!

hey i have an idea but i want a bunch of people to back me up, people of this forum should have a contest to see who can stay up to the longest? any takers up on my challenge? it’ll be an experament, cause i think the more tired you are when you go to sleep the better chance of lucidity and dream recall, so come on, someone take me up…

That’s a funny idea!

But how would the contestents prove they did stay awake during that time?

i’ll be completely honest about my results, but i guess we’ll just have to take there word for it, like the “how many LD’s this month” contest, i mean i could totally lie and say 80 LDs this month, i guess we’ll just have to trust it or not…

So it seems…

Well then… it would be a cool idea! But i woldn’t be able to join in, since I really need the strengh i have to survive my classes!

i know what you mean, but since im stuck in job searching right now until i get one what the hell, but only if someone else on these forums will take me up!

Well, I get off school for 2 weeks for XMAS break, so Wednesday night, I will NOT SLEEP lol, then I’ll stay up till thursday evening. Then I’ll WILD, or at least try to. I’ll tell you all how it goes. By the way, should I use caffein to stay up, or should I just try?

just try, without the aid of drugs

i’ll take you up on this challenge Catapleo. Im on Xmas vacation right now for like 3 weeks and i dont have much to do so i might as well, it sounds like an interesting thing to do anyways heh. So when do you want to start this thing? just give me a time and a date

your on bigjedman! just keep checking aim to see if im on, cause i usually am, and then we’ll set up a date ASAP…im telling you now though im gonna use the aid of coffee and street fighter alpha 3 to keep me up!