gettin closer :D

I had a weird nightmarish dream and i recalled it in another dream!

Ok lemme explain, last night i had a weird nightmare about nuclear war, i dont remember the flash but sure remember the noise, debries & mushroom cloud, i was in qiute a tromitised state thinking “No way this cant be real this must be a dream” but my dad was saying we had to get the hell out the area which i agree’d, it felt to serious to be standing around thinking this must be a dream so we got in the car and drove off, passing a few more survivers on the road, was very vivid.

When i woke up this morning i couldent remember any dreams, i was late for college & was lying in bed trying to motivate my self to get up, my dad came into the room i thought "yay im gonna get droven to college no walking for me :content: ", and as i got up i remembered the dream!, then… i woke up, i had fallen asleep again and by this time i was very late for college :neutral:

Im a bit ticked off about the “this must be a dream” bit, if only i had of kept thinking that, but thats nuclear warfare for ya eh :wink:

Anyone else ever remembered a dream in a false awakening?

Your dream about nuclear war wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with your avatar, would it? Mmmm?

hmm… a connection there possibly? lol

I do believe so.

Speaking of nuclear war. Been there, dreamt that, saw the mushroom cloud. Often I’m in the airforce having fierce dogfights. I hope this isn’t some sort of collective precognition we’re all having.

Heeeey… you might be on be on 2 summit there learjet, maybe i should consider moving away from the closet nuclear target to me, coolport (i think thats how its spelled) im right in the slow painfull blinding burning range of the blast zone if it ever happens :neutral:

I’ll wait till they get DSL in the mountains b4 taking any action like that me thinks :content:

Madjack if it ever happens you better be in the blast zone. It’s no fun slowly dying from radioactivity, millions of dead bodies around the streets and noone to bury them, no more sunlight for years because of the huge amounts of dust in the atmosphere,… :neutral:

An even better advice is: don’t care about it.

BTW I dreamt about it too months ago. But only because I saw a good old nuclear bomb movie from the eighties :wink:

I’ve had a dream about something like that too, that there was a nuclear missile heading for us, and we all got in a van and drove away. When the nuke hit the ground there was a flash and I woke up.
Don’t you think it’s wierd that we all have dreams about nuclear war? They seem almost…prophetic?

Well, I believe that a nuclear war is innevitable somewhere down the road as the technology to make these weapons becomes more widely available. It only takes one missile to ignite an all out holocaust.